Difference Between AVG and Bitdefender (With Table)

Reliable antivirus software is a must-have for each web user. Security and privacy are inextricably linked, specifically when your personally identifiable information is at risk. AVG and Bitdefender are two well-known antivirus software, and we’ll pit them against one another. Both antivirus software programs safeguard millions of clients throughout the world, including massive companies.

AVG vs Bitdefender

The main difference between AVG and Bitdefender is that AVG is a great free antivirus, but only has a limited number of premium features. Some, such as AVG Secure VPN, aren’t included in the protection membership and must be purchased separately. Bitdefender, on the other hand, offers a far broader set of functions to consumers at no additional cost over and beyond the antivirus membership.

AVG integrates standard malware scanning with ransomware prevention, and also a few extra features such as email attachment security. You also receive a free version of AVG Secure Browser. Considering that Avast now possesses AVG, it’s hardly unexpected that it’s a renamed variant of Avast Secure Browser. It’s built on Chromium, Google Chrome’s core technology, but it brings a lot of protection add-ons, albeit with an AdBlock and a rudimentary password vault.

Internet filtration and anti-tracking security are included as default for Bitdefender clients. A Wireless problem being analyzed is provided, as well as an unsecured software scan to test for any potential security flaws. A password vault is also available from Bitdefender. This is interoperable with Safepay, allowing you safe access to your password and financial information. Webcam and audio protection, a network firewall, encryption techniques, and anti-theft safeguards are all options for enhancing your safety.

Comparison Table Between AVG and Bitdefender

Parameters of ComparisonAVGBitdefender
DeveloperAVG TechnologiesSoftwin
Releasing Year19982001
Storage needed1 GB RAM and
2GB storage
1 GB RAM and
1.5 GB storage
FeaturesBasic security features
and basic tools
Enhanced security features
and tools
Processor23-bit and 64-bit1.6GHz
Better protection
against malware
System ImpactAverageBetter
User-InterfaceBasic UI
SafetySecurity with
malware detection
Security with
malware elimination
CostExpensiveComparatively low
PopularityComparatively more

What is AVG?

The AVG trademark is originated from Grisoft’s initial product, Anti-Virus Guard, which was released in the Czech Republic in 1992. First AVG licenses were acquired in Germany and the United Kingdom in 1997. It was first launched in the United States in 1998.

The AVG Free Edition assisted in the promotion of AVG’s product line. AVG Technologies bought Ewido Networks, an anti-spyware company, in 2006, expanding the AVG security package to include anti-spyware. In December 2007, AVG Technologies purchased Exploit Prevention Labs (XPL) and included its LinkScanner safe search and browse solution into the AVG 8.0 protection line of products, which was launched in March 2008.

AVG AntiVirus Free for Windows, Antivirus Software for Mac for macOS, and AVG Antiviral for Android devices are all available from AVG. All of the goods are freemium: These are available for free download, install, upgrade, and use, but a subscription plan is required for technical assistance.

In January 2019, AVG discontinued developing new functionality for Windows XP and Vista. The updated versions demand Windows 7 or later; virus classifications for older versions are still available. AVG Online Shield is a technology that scans files for viruses and ensures that they are safe to open. AVG Online Shield likewise protects file transfers across messaging apps and VoIP programs.

What is Bitdefender?

Endpoint security (with hard facing and threat advanced analytics), enlarged response efforts, multi-cloud safety, and handled detection and response, antivirus software, IoT security, VPN, and confidentiality assistance are just a few of the cybersecurity products and services that Bitdefender develops and markets for businesses and consumers. Almost all of the company’s products are also delivered to Managed Services Providers and System Integrators (OEM).

Bitdefender consults Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) as to how to help inquiries into cybercrime, share important data and information, and strike the best balance among disruption, prevention, investigation, and prosecution. To aid in the battle against crime, the firm works closely with worldwide law enforcement agencies such as municipal, regional, and international police forces.

Bitdefender is also a member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord for a Safer Online World, a worldwide partnership of technology firms dedicated to protecting their customers and users and assisting them in defending against dangerous attacks. A password vault is also available from Bitdefender. This is interoperable with Safepay, allowing you safe access to your password and financial information.

Main Differences Between AVG and Bitdefender

  1. AVG was developed by AVG technologies whereas Bitdefender by Softwin.
  2. AVG requires a 23-bit or 64-bit processor whereas Bitdefender requires 1.6GHz.
  3. Unlike AVG, Bitdefender offers a better UI.
  4. Unlike AVG, Bitdefender offers an enhanced set of tools and security features.
  5. Unlike AVG, Bitdefender costs less.
  6. Unlike AVG, Bitdefender offers better protection.


Bitdefender and AVG are particularly popular antivirus programs, with little variation among them. Both received high protection ratings from three independent laboratories, and both provide a huge spectrum of user assistance choices.

AVG has a decent UI, but Bitdefender provides more premium capabilities that come standard with your antiviral subscription than as an add-on. Our best free antivirus is AVG, but for subscription clients, Bitdefender is the right approach.


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