Difference Between AVG and Avira (With Table)

AVG and Avira can be classified as the top contenders that usually fetch you to provide near-perfect detection at over a 99% success rate. Even though both AVG and Avira antivirus software come with plenty of good features, when comparing the paid suites offered by each of the software at various points, make an array of distinguishing factors among both the antivirus. 

AVG vs Avira

The main difference between AVG and Avira is that AVG excels due to an enhanced firewall which can be customized to target some of the specific applications and ports. However, Avira doesn’t come with a built-in firewall. Also, the difference can be traced where AVG seems to offer more features at a competitive price range while Avira offers fewer features at a high price rate. 

AVG is a type of antivirus software package that has a couple of significant features directly accessible from the taskbar. Specifically seen the temporary disabling antivirus option is one touch away. Also, the testing results show that AVG consistently detects almost 10% of the serious threats than other premium suites available in the market.

On the other hand, Avira’s user interface has a software updater that helps in keeping all the installed programs and the software up to date. It gives full protection against all viruses while online shopping, surfing, or banking. It contains a premium version of the antivirus that has all the features of the free version along with customer support.

Comparison Table Between AVG and Avira

Parameters of Comparison AVGAvira
FeaturesAVG catalog does not offer exciting features.While Avira’s catalog of features is quite exciting and innovative.
User-friendly InterfaceAVG interface seems to be more user-friendly and is quite easier to navigate.While Avira still offers an old-school feeling-like interface.
Malware ProtectionAVG has the ability to trap and clean the malware during the full scan.However, Avira lacks malware protection.
Pricing AVG antivirus software is very cost-effective.But, the packages offered by Avira are not so cost-effective.
Customer Feedback The customer reviews for the services provided by AVG are excellent.While the customer reviews for the services provided by Avira are good.

What is AVG?

AVG is a well-known software developed by the most renowned AVG technologies. The most common feature of this AVG package is its ability to identify and remove malicious prudently. AVG is hailed as one of the favorite software packages due to its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support services. It is also a preferred choice among users as it protects more than one device at a low  cost. 

Apart from the free version available, AVG tends to offer different levels of packages with varying inclusive features. AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate packages are the two most fan-based options available in the market. Features like ‘PrivacyFix’ and ‘File Shredder’ add to the list of innovative packages offered by AVG. 

AVG is also quite comparable with high-end and premium brands of antivirus in the software industry. Also, it doesn’t cause a system slowdown because the smart sleep mode will only scan your device when your computer is inactive. 

What is Avira?

Avira is owned and operated by a German Company named Avira Free Security Solution. These software packages are mostly used by people to secure their digital services. Just like AVG, Avira too provides both free and paid plans. Its personalized firewall settings inserted in the software packages are quite appreciated among the customers. Moreover, the packages named Avira Free Security provide much better protection to the device than other free options available in the market.

Apart from the free version Avira also offers paid suits, for instance, Avira Prime, Avira Internet Security. Each package is set up with different features and security protocols. Avira stands as a trusted developer developing security tools for home and business needs. 

With time Avira has been able to increase the number of antiviruses installed in a short period. There’s a useful PC tune-up tool to help you speed up your system and their ‘Virus Lab’ teaches you everything you need to know about the malware threats

Main Differences Between AVG and Avira 

  1. The pricing points of each of the software packages are widely diverse. AVG suites are more cheaply priced. It tends to offer value-for-money bundles. While Avira offers tend to hedge on the upper side of the price range. 
  2. The performance provided by AVG suites is superior to Avira. AVG software packages are granted the coveted “Advanced+” award. While Avira could achieve the second most winning honor in the category of obtaining the ‘Advanced’ award. 
  3. Avira provides its users with a personalized firewall. On the other hand, Avira does not provide its users with such personalization. 
  4. The two antivirus software programs also differ in terms of packages offered by both of them to their users. Apart from the availability of free versions, Avira has more suites in the market like Avira Prime, Avira Internet Security, and Avira Antivirus Pro. On the other hand, AVG has fewer suites like AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate in the market.
  5. In terms of malware protection, it can be seen that Avira progressively provides better protection than AVG. 


After testing AVG versus Avira antivirus software programs, I can safely say that it mostly depends on person to person. Yet, in several cases, you will find that users are forced to choose a free product because of some monetary reasons that leave them in a vulnerable scenario. As most of the threats get protected against some pricey solutions. 

Although Avira is certainly better than any other antivirus software program it gives the desired result in this very competitive antivirus market. AVG, on the opposite side, continues to be one of the simplest choices available in the market. Its lightweight, functional and purposeful detective features are perhaps better than other obtainable premium solutions in the present market.

However, the best part for both of these security packages is that both of these are freely accessible. This makes it quite economical as you can try both before making any final judgment. 

Summing up with a note that if you are seeking an antivirus program that caters to your security for several devices at a cost-effective price then AVG will be the best-suited alternative. However, on the opposite side, Avira is the best choice if your security requirements just extend to one device, as it can provide strong antivirus protection and speed. 


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