Difference Between ASP.NET and C# (With Table)

Programming languages are used to develop different apps. To code a native app, you have to use language which is suitable for that particular operating system. So, C# is a programming language just like Java, Python, and JavaScript. Meanwhile, Microsoft developed ASP. NET. It is an open-source web framework. ASP. Net is used for building web-based applications.


The main difference between ASP. NET and C# is that C# is a programming language and ASP. NET is used in developing web services. ASP. Net uses C# to develop web applications.

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft. ASP. Net supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Initially ASP. NET was named as .NET framework. But later they changed it into ASP. NET. The extended form of ASP is Active Server Pages. ASP. NET mainly allows the developers to develop dynamic web apps and other web services. Programming languages such as C#, .Net, and VB supports this framework.

The pronunciation of C# is C- sharp. C# is developed and designed by Microsoft. C# is mainly a programming language, and it aids in developing web applications. C# supports almost every operating system. C# is similar to C++, Java and other programming languages. C# is world widely used to program games since it is an easy and basic programming language. C# is even more powerful than C++ and also capable of fast programming.

Comparison Table Between ASP. NET and C#

Parameters of ComparisonASP. NETC#
Licence ASP. NET is licensed under Apache 2.0C# is licensed under GPL
Operating systemMicrosoft, Linux are supported by ASP. NETAlmost all types of operating systems are supported by C#
DesignIt is an open source framework C# is a programming language
UseASP. NET is a library of codeC# is a compliant language of CLS
DevelopmentASP. NET is developed by MicrosoftC# is developed by Microsoft

What is ASP. NET?

ASP. NET is a framework developed by Microsoft which builds web-based applications using the programming language. ASP. NET was released in the year 2002 and it supports various operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Linux and many more.

ASP. NET is licensed under the Apache license 2.0 version. ASP. NET is an open-source framework that helps developers in creating various web-based apps and services. It is constructed by common language runtime, library and language. Many programming languages such as C#, C++, VB, .Net supports ASP. NET, because of the programs of ASP. NET is mainly carried out by CLI ( Common Language Infrastructure) and CLR ( Common Language Runtime).

ASP. NET is also a main part of the Dotnet framework. The main feature of ASP. NET is it can be even combined into other non-Microsoft based versions. Now we are using ASP. NETs 4.6 version. One of the components, CLR in ASP. NET performs exception handling and garbage collection. ASP. NET improves the performance of a specific application by caching those pages. ASP. NET works with the standard HTTP protocol. ASP. NET also contains additional tools to build web apps and websites. Now, ASP. NET has the latest cross-platform version which is called ASP. NET Core.

What is C#?

C- sharp (C#) is a programming language. It is designed and developed with good features by Microsoft. This programming language was licensed under General Public Licence (GPL), and it is developed in the year 2000. It is also a compliant language of CLS.

Even though C# is developed by Microsoft, it is later standardized by ECMA. It is a basic programming language used for the programming of games. C# mainly works well for desktop apps. It even supplies the best features like lambda expressions, null value types etc. C# is very productive and it is much faster and easier when compared to other programming languages. It has an automatic garbage collecting feature as well.

The current version of C# is 7.2 and lot similar to Java, and it is even easier to learn. Anyone can easily learn C#. C# is used to develop both desktop and web applications. C# has high memory backup and the cost of maintenance is very less when compared to other programming languages. Since C# has a huge library, it can provide high-level functionality. So, C# is a best of best programming language. We can develop window applications, database applications, web applications, distributed and web service applications with the assistance of C#.

Main Differences Between ASP. NET and C#

  1. ASP. NET is developed by Microsoft, but C# is standardized by ECMA
  2. ASP. NET has features such as page state, session state. Whereas C# has various features like a standard library, automatic garbage collection, generics, lambda expressions, and Boolean conditions.
  3. ASP. NET is an open-source framework, whereas C# is a programming language.
  4. ASP. NET is used in developing web-based applications, meanwhile, C# is used in developing ASP. NET applications.
  5. ASP. NET has various forms of components like Windows Communication Foundation, Metadata and Assemblies, Common Language Specification, Common Type System etc. But, C# is used as a client language to use these components. ASP. NET is developed by Microsoft, but C# is standardized by ECMA


ASP. NET is used to develop web applications by using programming languages such as C#, C++ etc. ASP is Active Server Pages, and it is required to develop a modern web application. ASP. NET has a successor ASP. NET Core, which was the initial version. A programming language like C# and a framework like ASP. NET is needed to develop a web application. So, ASP. NET and C# is essential in the modern world. Even though both ASP. NET and C# is developed by Microsoft, C# is later standardized by ECMA. And C# is a basic, fast programming language that anyone can learn easily. ASP. NET is a web framework that develops web-based applications and services; but, C# is used for developing desktop-based applications and it is one of the programming languages that is mostly used in programming games. C# has many more advanced features than C++. C# is low-cost maintenance and the easiest programming language.