Difference Between APM and ACPI (With Table)

APM and ACPI are the computer technologies of the current world, and they are both based on APM. API is an abbreviation for Advanced Power Management in computing, whereas ACPI is an abbreviation for Advanced Configuring and Power Interaction. Both technologies are beneficial to the computer since they provide the capacity to manage and regulate the amount of power used. Therefore, a desktop is an indispensable tool in today’s fast-paced cyber environment.

APM is primarily concerned with the BIOS, while ACPI is mainly concerned with the operating system. With the architecture of ACPI, the operating system has greater control, and each device on the computer has better control over its own. In addition, the increased interoperability across a wide variety of firms, each with its significant number of goods, is an advantage over APM, where the implementation varies significantly from one producer to the other.


The main difference between APM and ACPI is that the APM is the old expertise while ACPI is the advanced new technology. As API is a previous technology than ACPI, ACPI can overcome the computer’s APM.

Advanced Power Management, known as APM, is an application for the computer to present them the power to run in a better way. It assists the computer in the programming which is built up in the year 1992. It works to allow the IBM well-matched functioning arrangement to get the power management.

ACPI means Advanced Configuration is the computer’s operating system, and it is a piece of modern machinery. ACPI is primarily known as the substitute of the facilities of the APM. Therefore, advanced Configuration and Power Interference (ACPI) is the more inclusive explanation to evaluate with the altered hardware as compared to the APM.

Comparison Table Between APM and ACPI

Parameters for comparisonAPMACPI
MeaningAPM refers to Advanced Power Management, and this you can use for powering the computerACPI refers to Advanced Configuration and Power Interference, and it is a new proficiency
DefinitionAPM is defined as the application for the computer’s BIOS to access the powerACPI is also known as up-to-date application expertise the computer to work with more efficiency.
FunctionIt functions with the BIOS of the computer to get the surplus influence of the computer ACPI works as an operation to the computer system for running fast than API
PowerIt is powered to the device when it is off or when it has low power and also on the deviceIt also provides energy to the device for scurrying very fast, and as a fast and new technology, it works more rapid than API
VersionAPI is an ancient system than ACPI, and the old one cannot work correctly than a new and advanced one.ACPI is the new version of the power operating organization, so it provides fast service to the computer.

What is APM?

Advanced Power Management is an expertise that is very useful for the work of the computer properly. In the modern period, everything you can quickly do by technology. A computer, laptop, and many other devices are available for the office and many other businesses.

They make the company easy and keep the business data safe and secure to restore at any time. APM is also a technological thing for the computer’s working for getting extra profit from the business. APM is similar in temperament to the past old strategy, and you can use it for your computer to work better with the best power.

API is less all-encompassing than the ACPI, but you can also get the control for your device. With the help of the API system, you can run your computer speedily by giving them power when they become off and their energy becomes down. It is located in the computer’s BIOS and works for the computer.

What is ACPI?

ACPI is designed to help the computer. Intel and Microsoft invented it and came into this technological world to assist the business sector. It operates the computers, and it allows the computer to work better for the business. When the ACPI is invented, it takes control over the function of the API. ACPI is the newest version of the technology of the operating system to work fast.

When the computers become down, it provides them a better charging to work for you and do your work easily. It is more advanced and inclusive machinery and is constructive and valuable in the world. Computers and all electronic and digital devices are used worldwide because they provide people more convenience in their work with the help of operating systems such as API,  ACPI and, many others.

 You can use the ACPI to get better and expert service when the power is off the computer. ACPI is available to help the computer for powering when-

  1. CPU becomes off
  2. The computer sleeps and hangs to RAM
  3. Hand to the disk of the computer
  4. When the laptop mechanically off

Main Differences Between API and ACPI

  1. APM is the oldest adaptation technology for the computer, whereas the ACPI is very new-fangled expertise owned by Intel.
  2. APM is very well called Advanced Power Management, but ACPI is called Advanced Configuration and Power Interference.
  3. APM is companionable with the ancient machinery while ACPI is concerned with the latest device
  4. ACPI is located in the computers’ operating system that offers a large amount of power to them, while API is centred in the Basic Input Output System.
  5. APM is less potent for the help of the computer in the business, but the ACPI is more powerful because it is the latest adaptation


Both of the technology is useful for working the devices that are very ready to lend a hand in the increasing production. Both the expertise gives a lot of benefits to the company of business, as they offer a significant amount. ACPI divides the control between BIOS and OS before delivering to the computer, but the APM inhabits the BIOS.

To better use the computers, you can use these two technologies and make working easy and quick. You can also switch on the devices when they technically switch down, and your work leaves in between the processing. Both of the technologies have their separate knowledge and function.


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