Difference Between Among and Amongst (With Table)

Among and Amongst are probably the most misused set of words. This is mainly due to their similarity in spellings. However, the difference between these two words is minute and dates back to the History of the English language itself.

Among vs Amongst

The main difference between Among and Amongst is that Among is used commonly by Americans. On the other hand Amongst is commonly used by the Britishers. This is why Among is a part of old English while Amongst is part of modern English.

Among was used before language historians started adding tones and different structural patterns between the similar words. It can simply mean to be part of a group or to belong to a set of individuals or chronological types of patterns.

Amongst started being used after historians added tones and structural differences of a pattern. This word is also part of the British slang and is mostly implemented by them. It means to be situated near the center of something or to be included in an activity.

Comparison Table Between Among and Amongst

Parameters of ComparisonAmongAmongst
DefinitionAmong describes the position of something near the centerAmongst describes the inclusion of someone or something
Usage typeThe use of this word can be associated with plural forms of English The use of this word can be associated with a poetic form of English
Country Among is mostly used by Americans in their conversationAmongst is mostly used by Britishers in their conversation
Frequency of useThe word is frequent in American English The word is frequent in British English

Metaphor is among the most used figure in speechesHe was amongst the champions

What is Among?

Among simply means to be near the center part of something. It can also mean to be surrounded by it. This word was used as a part of old English when not much thought process went behind the forming of sentences. This is why it is a traditional word of the English Language.

Among is a preposition that is used for connecting other words. These words can be nouns or pronouns. This implies that it can be used to attach nouns to nouns or pronouns to pronouns. Similarly, it can also be used to attach nouns to pronouns. Therefore, it is a word with multi-purpose usage capability.

Some examples of using the word with a positional reference

  1. Rajesh saw a typical animal among the pair of species at the zoo.
  2. The emergency team was searching the body among the collateral-induced flat.
  3. Adjectives are among the few difficult terms to learn in primary classes.

Some examples of the word as a surrounding reference

  1. Don’t worry, you are among your well-wishers.
  2. He has worked as a colonoscopy expert among many other things.
  3. The new bill has caused anger among the youth of the country.

What is Amongst?

Amongst simply means to be part of something or someone. It can be used to describe as an inclusion activity or an act of including an individual. This word also means to be near a center. However, this depends on the sense you are using the word in.

This word is a part of modern-day British slang. This means that it does not trace its root from the old technique of English language grammar. Therefore this word is commonly used by Britishers or countries where individuals speak British English. Amongst was formulated as part of the new grammar system.

Some examples are when this word is used in an assembling sense or meaning

  1. You can relax because you are amongst your homies.
  2. You are in a good place because the house is amongst the good part of the neighborhood.
  3. Sit tight and wait until we are amongst some affordable marketplaces.

Some examples are when this word is used to signify diversity

  1. Vitamin A is amongst one of the most essential vitamins out there.
  2. This branch of wall mart is amongst the best ones that we have in our locality.
  3. Kiwi is amongst the most nutritious fruit that we can eat for a healthy body.

Main Differences Between Among and Amongst

  1. Among is a part of the old traditional form of English while Amongst is a part of modern English language.
  2. Among was used before historians dedicated paradigms for the usage of similar words whereas Amongst was used after historians of the English language dictated the paradigm of similar-sounding words.
  3. Among means to be part of a group or activity whereas Amongst can mean to be near the center of something or someone, depending on the usage type
  4. Among is mostly used by Americans or people who speak American form of English whereas Amongst is mostly used by Britishers or individuals who speak British English.
  5. Among is frequently used in the United States of America whereas Amongst is frequently used in Great Britain or the United Kingdom.


Among and Amongst are two different words with relatively similar forms of meanings. This is why individuals often get confused to use which one and what conditions. However, the solution to this problem lies in the basic understanding of grammar rules and the knowledge of plural preposition rules.

Among should be used when referring to a group or activity that an individual is a part of. However, it can also be used for describing positional certainty. The usage of this word depends on the sense and meaning of the phrase. Plus, it can also be used while conversing in American English.

Amongst should be used when describing an assembly of things, individuals, or places. It can also be used for dictating the diversifications of the same things. Similarly, all forms of usage related to this word depend on the sense of meaning and the combined phrase. Moreover, it can also be used commonly with British English.

Both of these words are best suited for a different national form of English. Among is preferred in the United States and Amongst is best suited for European countries.


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