Difference Between Amazon and Amazon Prime (With Table)

Amazon.com was founded in 1994 as an online bookseller. Following its progress, the company began to offer other services and eventually evolved into an online shopping destination. Amazon has ruled the internet retail sector, followed closely by E-bay.

Amazon provides many facilities, one of which is the Amazon Prime subscription, which provides consumers who have promised their commitment to Amazon with better delivery ease and efficiency.

Amazon vs Amazon Prime

“The main difference between amazon and amazon prime is that amazon is a retailer that sells a wide variety of things through their website.. On the other hand,  Prime is a membership service that provides two-day delivery, music, TV shows, and movies, among other things. Amazon Prime members receive free two-day shipping on a limited number of purchases, as well as free viewing of some material and free returns.”

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos  founded Amazon.com, Inc. Cadabra, Inc. used to be the name of this social platform. It is a company that sells a wide selection of products from both domestic and global markets. It made 280.522 billion dollars in sales in 2019.

Amazon Prime, which was launched in 2005, has grown to encompass a wide range of features, including Prime Video, free cloud picture storage, exclusive access to specials and the yearly Prime Day shopping event, savings on grocery products at Whole Foods shops, and more.

Comparison Table Between Amazon and Amazon Prime

Parameters of ComparisonAmazonAmazon Prime
EstablishmentOn July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos and Brian Olsavsky founded Amazon.com, Inc.Amazon Prime was founded on the 2nd of February 2005 by Amazon.com, Inc.
Type of the WebsiteIt is a corporation and website that is open to the public.It’s a website that offers subscription services.
SubsidiariesIt has a large number of subsidiaries.It does not have a subsidiary.
Products and ServicesAmazon has a wide range of items and services.Amazon Prime is a feature that Amazon offers.
Registration and SubscriptionRegistration with Amazon is completely free. It does not necessitate the purchase of a membership.Amazon Prime offers a free trial period at first. However, it requires a complete membership to use its product after that.
PaymentIt just needs to pay when the goods or service is purchased.The membership is paid on a monthly basis.
Shipping ChargesAmazon levies shipping fees for in timed delivery service.On any residential delivery service, Amazon Prime offers free shipping.
IndustriesE-commerce, electronic goods, cloud technology, machine intelligence, self-driving cars, and digital delivery services are all part of Amazon Inc.’s industry.The Amazon Prime industry provides internet service to people all around the world.
Movies and e-booksIt allows you to buy each item independently, whether it’s a movie or an e-book.With a subscription, it provides access to a large number of movies and e-books for free.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a tech firm that specialises in retail, cloud services, digital broadcasting, and machine intelligence. According to the Fortune 500 list for 2020, the publicly listed business is the world’s largest web corporation and the US’s second-largest workforce. Amazon’s headquarters are now located in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com in 1994 as an online book store. Over the next few years, Amazon.com grew to include films, music, and games; now, Amazon.com, branded the “everything store,” is a worldwide market for practically every type of material items. The first IPO occurred in 1997, at a price of $18 per share; as of September 2, 2020, the highest current price of Amazon shares was $3,531.45. (Nasdaq).

Amazon is even a Hollywood player, having won two Golden Globes in 2017. Despite this, Bezos’ business philosophy has been remarkably consistent throughout the years, emphasising on long-term client devotion above short-term earnings and never-ending development into new businesses.

In an unusual twist, Amazon has made considerable investments in physical stores, founding its first in Seattle in late 2015 and growing to 13 sites since then. In 2017, the business completed the purchase of Whole Foods Market, and in early 2018, it established an Amazon Go grocery shop in Seattle for the general public.

What is Amazon Prime? 

Although it may not appear so, Amazon Prime was established more than 15 years ago. Since then, it’s become a big source of revenue for Amazon’s retail division. Over time, the firm has increased the number of features found to billions of Prime subscribers in order to make the programme more appealing.

The service has been enhanced with new features throughout time. Amazon Prime Video offers access to millions of broadcasting movies and TV series, as well as free online image storing, free eBooks, Amazon Music, gaming, and more. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in 2021 that Amazon Prime has surpassed 200 million members worldwide.

The only method to subscribe at first was to pay a yearly subscription. Prime membership began at $79 per year and increased to $99 per year in 2014. The annual fee increased to $119 in 2018. In 2016, Amazon also started monthly memberships. Amazon Prime is now available for $12.99 a month.

Main Differences Between Amazon and Amazon Prime

  1. Amazon Inc is a publicly traded company and webpage. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service.
  2. The former is a holding company for the latter. The latter is an Amazon.com Inc.-sponsored programme.
  3. Amazon is a holding company for a number of businesses. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, does not have an affiliate.
  4. The first provides its own set of services and products. While achieving is a service in and of itself.
  5. A subscription to Amazon is not required. Amazon Prime does, however, provide a free trial period. It does, however, require a complete subscription to use its services.
  6. Amazon only asks for payment when a product or service is purchased. Its Prime subscription, on the other hand, demands a monthly payment.
  7. An amazon user will be charged shipping, whereas a prime member will receive free shipping.
  8. Amazon enrollment is self-contained. Its main membership is conditional on its utilisation.


Amazon has a wide range of products to choose from. This also applies to Amazon Prime Subscriptions. They do, however, differ in quality of the benefits they offer. Amazon is both a public website and a business. Amazon Prime is a site that provides a monthly subscription.

Amazon.com Inc. is the group’s parent company. It is a business that owns an amount of products and services. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is managed and operated by Amazon. A premier membership is a service in and of itself.


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