Difference Between Allstate and Country Financial (With Table)

We are protected against financial losses by insurance. A victim of insurance receives monetary compensation or reimbursement from an insurance company for the losses he has suffered. Insurances come in a variety of forms. Health insurance, house insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and many other types of insurance are available. We find insurance to be beneficial. As a result, it is recommended that you rely on a reputable insurance company. Insurance firms such as Allstate and Country Financials give good services. Insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the insured.

Allstate vs Country Financial

The main difference between Allstate and Country financial is that Allstate is a more flexible insurance company with a greater coverage area and offers discounts. Country financial is cheapest but has fewer coverage areas. On the other hand, Allstate has a high customer satisfaction rate.

Allstate is an insurance firm based in the United States. In 1931, Allstate was established. It has a broader coverage and offers a variety of insurance options, including pet insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance, among others. Customers can also take advantage of other offers. It is a reputable and efficient insurance firm. People love them and give them excellent ratings. They’re more adaptable. However, as compared to other insurance companies, Allstate is a little pricey. “You are in good hands with Allstate,” says the company’s slogan.

Country Financial is a financial services and insurance company based in the United States. Customers may be found in 19 different states. They provide commercial insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and trust services, among other insurance and financial services. It was established in 1925. The company’s headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois, in the United States. Jim Jacobs is the CEO of Country Financial. As of 2020, Country Financial employs 3346 people. It is a well-known insurance firm. It was founded by farmers in Illinois.

Comparison Table Between Allstate and Country Financial

Parameters of ComparisonAllstateCountry Financial
YearIn 1931, Allstate was established.Country Financial was founded in 1925.
CEOThomas J Wilson is Allstate’s current CEO.The current CEO of Country Financial is Jim Jacobs.
HeadquartersThe headquarters of Allstate is at Northbrook. The headquarters of Country Financial is in Bloomington, US.
Fortune ranking In the 2020 Fortune 500 ranking of the largest corporations in the United States, Allstate was ranked 70th.Country Financial ranked annually in Fortune 1000 list.
Coverage areasAllstate has a more extensive coverage area. Country Financial offers a smaller coverage area, with only 19 states covered.

What is Allstate?

Allstate is a firm that specialises in insurance. Thomas J Wilson is the current CEO of Allstate. Its headquarter is located in Northbrook. It is one of the most dependable insurance firms. In the 2020 Fortune 500 ranking of the largest corporations in the United States, Allstate was ranked 70th. Allstate’s slogan is “You are in excellent hands with Allstate.” They provide a variety of insurances, including life, vehicle, home, and other types.

Allstate also has discounts available. They even have mobile apps that users can use to manage their accounts from their smartphones. They also have a large number of coverage areas. Despite its high cost, Allstate has a high level of client satisfaction.

Allstate is also more open. They have almost 113 million private insurance plans. However, when compared to country financial, they have fewer agents. It received an A+ in AM’s best rating. They own and operate 18 enterprises in the US, India, and Canada. Allstate also uses new techniques to deliver individualised service to all of its customers.

What is Country Financial?

In 1925, Country Financial was established. It is a corporation that provides insurance and financial services. They are available in 19 states, however, their coverage is limited. Country Financial offers a wider range of insurance options. Country Financial is far less expensive than other businesses, but they do not provide the same level of savings as Allstate. They’re also not transparent.

Bloomington, US is the headquarters of Country Financial. Country Financial offers a variety of insurance products, including agricultural, business, crop, and many others. They, too, have a mobile app that is available to their clients. They aren’t transparent because they are more private. Customers give them a lower rating. They received an A+ AM rating. It is included in the Fortune 1000 annual list. They have a workforce of 3000 people. They provide annuities and have a solid financial foundation.

Country Financial has the disadvantage of not being a BBB accredited company. Furthermore, coverage is not provided in every state. Country Financial offers discounts for occupations, multiple cars, multiple policies, and good students.

Main Differences Between Allstate and Country Financial

  1. Allstate offers fewer insurance products, but Country Financial offers a wide range of insurance options, including business, agricultural, and crop insurance, among others.
  2. Allstate has its headquarters at Northbrook, meanwhile Country Financial has its headquarters at Bloomington, US.
  3. Allstate was founded in 1931, whereas Country Financial was founded in 1925.
  4. Allstate offers a wider range of coverage and has locations in the United States, India, and Canada. Country Financial, on the other hand, has a limited coverage area and is only available in 19 states.
  5. Allstate’s CEO is Thomas J Wilson, whereas Country Financial’s CEO is Jim Jacobs.


Insurance is advantageous. Insurance assists in the event of a financial loss. However, while selecting an insurance service, it is usually advisable to select the best insurance provider. We should always verify the coverage areas, pricing, discounts, flexibility, and third-party ratings while choosing an insurance service firm. Identifying these variables might make the insurance application process go more smoothly and provide financial security.

Country Financial is significantly less expensive than Allstate. It also gives you additional financial security. Country Financial does not provide as many coverage areas as Allstate and has lower customer satisfaction scores. Allstate also provides a variety of discounts and is considerably more adaptable.

However, there are more insurance products available in the Country Financial. Both Allstate and Country Financial have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, at the end of the day, we must choose the finest insurance company for us and our plans.


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