Difference Between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium (With Table)

Users can use Aldiko Book Reader to access and analyze their digital archive, as well as read their favourite books. Even novices will have no problem locating their books and spending hours reading thanks to the simple navigation.

Aldiko Free vs Aldiko Premium

The main difference between aldiko free and aldiko premium is that aldiko free as the name implies is free of cost. On the other hand aldiko premium comes at a cost. Aldiko free account access is permanent, however Aldiko premium account access is only available for a short time, until the subscription expires.

Aldiko free, as the name says, is a free programme that can be installed to your mobile phone. This is a fantastic way to try out the software and see whether you enjoy it before you decide to buy the licenced version. Free magazines, books, and stories are also available to download and watch on your Aldiko.

The Aldiko application, on the other hand, comes with an update, the Aldiko Premium. When you buy the update, the software will no longer display the annoying advertisements. It has a built – in security system that allows users to access legally acquired copy restricted files. The premium edition has an additional MB of storage.

Comparison Table Between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium

Parameters of ComparisonAldiko FreeAldiko Premium
Rate of membershipThere is no charge.Costs are fixed.
Period of timeUnlimitedLimited
Advertisement DisplayAdvertisements are shown.There are no advertisements on the screen.
Copy protectionThere is no copy protection.Copy protection is provided.
Space for storageAldiko Free occupies comparatively less spaceAldiko Premium takes up more room.

What is Aldiko Free?

Aldiko is a browsing software for eBooks. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, the most widely used operating systems. The EPUB format is used for eBooks and digital publishing. The software was published on October 26th, 2018. It was launched in Android operating system 3.1.3 and iOS edition 1.1.6.

Users can search through multiple online catalogues for a variety of books with this programme. A large number of free public domain works are also included in the software. The catalogue can be copied straight into the user’s own library. Aldiko Free does not require a membership to install and set up an account. Aldiko’s free version can be used indefinitely and does not expire after a set amount of time.

Aldiko Limited is the software’s parent organization. The software’s interface is similar to a bookcase that can go through a large library of book recommendations. Users are provided with numerous sponsored advertising when navigating through Aldiko free. Sponsored adverts in Aldiko help the app to stay afloat.

The books that the users want to read can be imported. The users get versatility as a result of this. The application is quite adaptable. The backdrop, font size, colour, type, intensity, border, site mode, and other aspects can all be customised by the users. The software does not allow font uploading.

What is Aldiko Premium?

Aldiko Premium is the commercial edition of Aldiko, an ebook browsing app. The software includes features such as cataloguing, book exchange with other users via social networking sites, book progress tracking, bookmark generation, and other customised navigational modes. The users have complete control over all of the functions.

Users can choose between two different themes in the app: day and night. The theme can be changed depending on the user’s brightness level. The software’s engines can dynamically modify the size of the viewing content based on the device‘s screen resolution. Adobe DRM is also supported by the programme.

The software has a small monthly charge. It gives users access for a set amount of time, up until the expiration date. In case users need to check up a term, the app also has a lexicon look-up feature. The “Go To” function of Go-Application allows users to instantly access any point within the book.

All of the application’s literary texts can be turned into PDFs. Even eBooks from a variety of public libraries are supported in the premium release of the software. The app has worked with a number of content providers to enable downloading and even in-app purchases. Feedbooks, O’Reilly Media, All Romance Ebooks, Scribd, and others are among the content providers.

Main Differences Between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium

  1. Various advertisers are displayed during navigating in Aldiko free, but there is no flashing or presentation of advertising during navigating in Aldiko premium.
  2. Aldiko free does not include all legally obtained materials, whereas Aldiko premium includes all legally bought materials.
  3. The Aldiko free version has a lesser size, whereas the Aldiko premium profile has a bigger size.
  4. The files downloaded in Aldiko free are not copy guarded, however those placed in Aldiko premium are.
  5. Aldiko’s free account is available for an indefinite period of time, however Aldiko’s premium membership is only free for a limited time.


The reading society has changed and moved away from direct books in favour of eBooks. eBooks are supported by a variety of systems and tools. Aldiko is the most well-known eBook reader programme. In the Swedish language, the word Aldiko means “book.” Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium are the two versions of the reading software available.

Aldiko’s account types both contain adjustable options. Users have the ability to customise and adjust every font, function, display, brightness, margin, and page turn mode, giving them flexibility and control. Developers and authors are supported in the premium version of the app. Before coming to a decision, writers and consumers should consider all of the features and aspects.

Aldiko free is available for download for free, while Aldiko premium is available for purchase. Aldiko free features commercials from advertisers who paid for the licence so that others might use it; the premiums has been removed of all the advertising, which are often annoying. The free version of Aldiko has no backup data, however the premium account does. Users can access and install copy restricted items such as digital books, journals, and articles using the copy defence mechanism or programme. The free version of the programme is a few megabytes less than the premium upgrade.

It’s important to keep in mind that if a free program is offered, you should try it before making purchases.


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