Difference Between Alabaster and Marble (With Table)

Different types of rocks and stones are used for decorative and construction purposes. The most used varieties of stones and rocks for this purpose are Alabaster and Marble. These rocks are used to carry out multiple functions by individuals all over the world.

Alabaster vs Marble

The main difference between Alabaster and Marble is that Alabaster is used for mostly decorating things and creating the powder for plaster. On the other hand, Marble is used mostly for making statues and figures. They are also reflective.

Alabaster is a type of rock that can be used to make pieces of jewelry and other ornaments. This type of rock requires delicacy while working on it. Therefore you need to clean the rock to make it fit for use as a decoration item.

Marble is a type of rock that has a smooth surface and radiates a bold outward appearance. The most common color in which marbles exist is white and soft shades of white. It is also one of the costliest rocks available in the market.

Comparison Table Between Alabaster and Marble

Parameters of ComparisonAlabasterMarble
MeaningAlabaster is a type of rock used in the manufacturing of powder for plasterMarble is a type of rock that is soft and smooth
BenefitsAlabaster is known to have spiritual effects on the body and mindMarble can be used to build beautiful statues
WeightAlabaster is lighterMarble is heavier
CostAlabaster is less costly Marble is extremely costly
TextureAlabaster has a soft textureMarble has a smooth texture

What is Alabaster

Alabaster is a rock that has a soft texture and is mostly used for making decorative items. This type of rock is also used in the preparation of powder for plaster. It is also lightweight which is due to its hollow core. The rock has multipurpose use and advantages.

This type of rock contains a high astrological value. Many astrologers recommend wearing ornaments and pieces of jewelry made up of alabaster due to this reason. The rock is supposed to have benefits on the mind and the body combined. Alabaster is also a medium-range rock that can be afforded easily.

Alabaster has various types. This is why many people get confused and buy a fake types of Alabaster decorations. An ornament made up of real Alabaster is bound to have a larger size ratio and a better shines than a fake alabaster rock. Real Alabaster is also heavier in comparison to a fake alabaster rock.

Alabaster also contains a vital amount of Gypsum. This type of rock has edible properties which are why utensils can be made from Alabaster. Furthermore, this rock is essential in making ornaments for Italians. It is one of the most difficult types of rock to harvest from the ground and has an optimum amount of hardness.

What is Marble?

Marble can be described as a smoother and softer variety of rock used for primarily making statues. This rock has a reflecting nature which makes its surface shine and emits light. Marble is also heavier than most of the rock present in nature.

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that contains mostly carbonates of calcium and their acidic oxides. This type of rock is mostly made up of crystals which are the reason for its reflection. Many individuals prefer to construct their flooring from marbles. However, it is not comfortable for someone to walk on marble without shoes or slippers.

It is primarily white even though many shades of white are present. This rock is also available in different colors but only in its raw stage. Marble is formed in the crust of the earth when limestone is excessively heated. This rock is also one of the most expensive rocks found on earth after harvesting.

Countries in which Marble is found include India and Itlay. These rocks emit light from their surface which is why they are used as expensive decoration. Furthermore, it is also very soft due to which it is handled with delicacy and care.

Main Differences Between Alabaster and Marble

  1. Alabaster is used mainly for decorating purposes while marble is mostly used for making beautiful statues.
  2. Alabaster can be used for making utensils that you can eat whereas marble cannot be used as utensils.
  3. Alabaster has a lot of astrological importance whereas Marble does not have much astrological importance.
  4. Alabaster is soft and weighs lightly whereas Marble is a softer rock and weighs more.
  5. Alabaster is less costly in price whereas Marble is much more costly in price


Both of these rocks come under the category of vital rocks. This is because they serve various functions and are quite useful. Without these rocks, one cannot have beautiful decorations or great statues. Therefore these rocks are essential types of rocks.

The geological core of the earth produces these rocks. Alabaster and Marble are both formed at very high temperatures. The former contains trades of Gypsum inside it while the latter is made up of highly heated limestone. This is why they are different in color and properties.

Alabaster is known to have various positive effects on both the mind and the body. This type of rock has its relation to astrology which makes it an important rock. Alabaster also provides plaster powder which in turn is used to make many important things. Notably, Plaster of Paris is one of them.

Marble is also highly beneficial for business and commerce. The marble industry is one of the booming industries of the world. The wealth generated from marbles creates a fortune and helps to sustain much business. This is why it is the most in-demand type of rock and hence the price.

These rocks are important in sustaining and developing many industries. This is mostly due to their commercial efficiency and attractive nature. Especially in the case of Marvel and its shining appearance. However, Alabaster has equally important commercial value.


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