Difference Between Akita and Husky (With Table)

A dog is the one living being that will always cheer you up. The best friend ever a human will have, a loyal loving companion that cares for his master more than his life. Dogs are playmates, forgiving and energetic. Sometimes their role in our life is as important as a close friend. They are just like our best friends or sometimes our child.

Akita vs Husky

The main difference between Akita and Husky breeds is Akita is a heavy-boned Spitz type’s dog. These breeds are very dangerous whereas Husky breeds are strong and energetic. It’s known for sled dogs and is very difficult to train. They often howl.

Akita is an all-purpose dog. These breeds are used by people for hunting animals like beer and deer in late ancient times and they are known to be very dangerous. This breed adapts to new things very quickly.  At present these dogs are used as companion dogs. It has good strength with good agility. They are double-coated.  Normally their lifespan is about 10 but sometimes they live up to 14 years. They are naturally guarded dogs. This breed doesn’t necessarily need a guardian or regular outdoor access is at ease. This breed is extremely loyal to its owner. 

Husky, these breeds are highly energetic and in the polar region, people used these breeds as a sled dog. Huskies have a thick double coat which makes their cold winter tolerance high. The average lifespan of this breed is about 12 years but in some cases, it is found that this breed lives up to 15 years. This breed is average in intelligence which makes for the owner or trainer very difficult to train. They are more closely related to wolves’ families that is the reason why Husky howl like wolves and they emit large verities of sound. Their fur is so durable.

Comparison Table between Akita and Husky

Parameters of
HeightMale- 26 to 28 inches tall
Female-24 to 26 inches tall
Male- 21 to 24 inches tall
Female – 20 to 22 inches tall
WeightMale- 100 to 130 pounds heavy
Female- 70 to 100 pounds heavy
Male- 45 to 60 pounds heavy
Female- 35 to 60 pounds heavy
Life span It’s between 10 -14 years.It’s between 12- 15 years.
ColourBlack, Brown brindle, fawn brindle, white, brown, black overlay, and silverWhite, black, grey and white, sable and white, black and white, grey, black and tan, red and white.
TrainingDue to their high intelligence, they are not that hard to train.Due to their average intelligence, they are hard to train.

What is Akita?

Akita is a type of dog breed which are highly intelligent and dangerous by nature. They are so strong that people in ancient times used this dog to hunt bears and deer. Their appearance is like heavy-boned Spitz types. Due to their highly intelligent they are not that difficult to train. They have a dense coat.Akita doesn’t usually bark without any reason.

This breed is fast in learning new things. These breeds sometimes like to stay independent which leads to doing stupid things, they are meant for indoors.

Their lifespan is about 10 to 14 years. They like to stay clean and hygienic. They usually shed too much in the autumn season.This breed is loved by all dogs lover because these breeds always protect the owner from any threat. Akita is well known for his loyalty towards there owner.

What is Husky?

Husky is a type of breed which are highly energetic and strong. These breeds are known for a polar region where people used them as sled dogs. Husky is not that intelligent, they are average which makes them very difficult for a trainer to train them. This breed’s life span is about 12 to 15 years.

Without any training or exercise, they can be destructive. Most of them are friendly with other dogs if they are socialized.  They can make large verities of sound and they love to howl, their howling can be heard up to 15 km away. Putting these breeds in a cage often leads to physical symptoms like restlessness, diarrhea, etc. This breeds when they get old they start seeking attention at midnight at 3 am. Huskies are not good at indoors.

Huskies are even-tempered and friendly with many people. They are suitable for outdoor as they seek for digging and they like to chew things.

Main Differences Between Akita and Husky.

  1. Akita does not require a lot of exercise but husky does.
  2. Akita must be kept close to the family and must be socialized well from the beginning but husky are more for outside and working like a coo hound or beagle.
  3. Akita are aggressive and likes to stay independent which sometimes does stupid things husky have a temperament far better suited for harmony on a dog team.
  4. Akita breeds (70 to 130) are heavier than husky breeds (45 to 60).
  5. Akita breeds are aggressive and territorial whereas Husky are even-tempered and friendly with most people.
  6. Akita breed (58 to 70 cm) sizes are larger than husky breed (50 to 60cm)
  7. Akita breeds if they are trained well stay calm and silent, usually, they don’t bark unnecessarily but huskies breed often make noise, they often bark and they loved to do howl.
  8. Akita is good at indoors whereas are Husky is not suitable for indoors.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that both breeds are strong and enthusiastic but when it comes to intelligence Huskies are lesser known for it, in comparison to Akita. Both breeds need to be trained from the beginning and need to be socializing very well. Akita is more prone to health issues compared to Husky.


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