Difference Between AK 47 and INSAS (With Table)

People are becoming more informed about issues that were formerly thought to be taboo to discuss as the globe continues to develop and grow. Weaponry and other war supplies is one of these subjects. Guns, particularly rifles, are an important aspect of weapons, with the AK 47 and INSAS being two of the most prevalent.

AK 47 vs INSAS

The main difference between an AK 47 and an INSAS is that an AK 47 is a single weapon, a rifle, but an INSAS is an acronym for Indian Small Arms Systems, which means it contains more than one piece of armament. INSAS is made up of two major components: A light machine gun, commonly known as an assault rifle.

The AK 47 is a popular rifle that has been in service since World War II in 1947. Many people see it as a legendary piece of weaponry since it is not only dependable and inexpensive to produce, but is also simple to use and comprehend. This is a good weapon with a higher kill power than other rifles due to its caliber bullet.

INSAS is a moniker that refers to a rifle weapons system. Indian Small Arms System is its full name. There is a three-round burst mechanism employed in INSAS that an AK 47 does not have, which may be a significant benefit and so gives it a benefit over an AK 47’s auto mode.

Comparison Table Between AK 47 and INSAS

Parameters of
Full-FormAvtomat Kalashnikova 1947Indian Small Arms System
Developed inSoviet Union India
Year of discovery19471980
Developed byMikhail KalashnikovNo particular person
Ammunition7.62mm ammunition5.56mm ammunition
ManufacturersKalashnikov Concern and various other places.Armament Research and Development Establishment

What is AK 47?

The AK 47 is a gun invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union during the final year of World War II. Mikhail began developing the rifle concept in 1942. The weapon has been around for at least six decades, yet it remains a popular choice among consumers since the product prices are lower when compared to many other rifles.

The weapon is simple to learn and utilize for users. It is a fairly simple machine, yet it is well-known for its great performance, especially in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, because it is so popular, it is very easy to get in compared to other weapons.

It has a high rate of fire, operating conditions, excellent firing power. The number “47” refers to the year the model was completed. An AK-47 is a larger weapon than an INSAS rifle.

By operating a button near the trigger mechanism, it may be fired in single-shot mode and maybe even configured for automatic firing.

The AK-47 could fire 600 bullets per minute in automatic mode as soon as the trigger is pushed, but its magazine can really only hold 30 rounds and will empty in just over 3 seconds.

What is INSAS? 

The INSAS (Indian Small Arms System) is a series of assault rifles plus light machine guns that were introduced into the Indian Army in 1998. The INSAS family includes the INSAS Standard Rifle, INSAS Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun (LMG).

And three new INSAS variants: Kalantak, Excalibur, and Amogh. INSAS is utilized by the Indian Army, the Nepal Army (which India sold to Nepal at a 70% subsidy), Bhutan, and Oman.

The INSAS rifle was extensively influenced by various designs, although it never functioned like any of them. During the Kargil crisis in 1999, whenever the Indian Army attacked the Pakistani military after it seized positions on the Indian side of the Line of Control, numerous damaged weapons were brought back to the manufacturer, and new batches were sent out.

There were reports of jamming, magazines snapping as a result of the cold, and weapons turning into automatic mode while configured for three-round bursts. And then there was the issue of oil being sprinkled into the operator’s eye. A few More injuries have also been recorded during fire practice.

Actually, the INSAS system was intended to only have three component weapons: a conventional carbine, rifle, and a squad automatic rifle (LMG), most of which were chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.

Main Differences Between AK 47 and INSAS

  1. 7.62mm ammo is used in the AK 47. An INSAS, on the other hand, measures 5.56mm.
  2. When weighed, an AK 47 rifle is really heavier than an INSAS weapon.
  3. Is not only an AK 47 heavier than an INSAS, but it is also longer.
  4. The AK 47 features an automatic fire mode that may be activated and employed, but the INSAS does not.
  5. INSAS is much more costly than AK 47s.
  6. The AK47 magazine is composed of steel and also is opaque, therefore one is unaware about how many rounds are remaining when firing until counted, whereas the INSAS magazine is translucent and therefore it is simple to detect once your magazine is almost empty.
  7. The lethality of a weapon is determined by the ammunition used, not the weapon itself, hence the AK47 is designed to kill, whilst the INSAS is designed to incapacitate.
  8. The AK47’s butt is intrinsically foldable, meanwhile the insas’s butt is immovable; nonetheless, alternative variants of both weapons exist but seem to be unusual in the Indian army.


Both firearms, whether an AK-47 or an INSAS as well as any other gun, must be used solely among those who fight for the country’s protection, such as the army and police. People are perplexed because of the appearance and similarity in their working patterns. They share a gas-operated rotating bolt as well as a long-stroke piston. Even while the AK 47 is more popular, the INSAS offers its own set of benefits.

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