Difference Between AK 47 and AK 56 (With Table)

Rifles are a sort of rifle with a long barrel that is intended for shooting. Rifles should be handled with both hands, and they are sometimes placed on the shoulder via gunstock for firing. The gunstock provides stability. It is used for self-defense, combat, hunting, and sports, among other things. The two types of rifles used in battle are the AK 47 and the AK 56.

AK 47 vs AK 56

The main difference between the AK 47 and the AK 56 is that the AK 47 was created by Russia. Whereas the AK 56 is a Chinese copy of the AK 47, it was built in China. The AK 47 was produced in 1947, while the AK 56 was produced in 1956. The AK 56 is lighter than the AK 47. The AK-47 can be employed in any scenario and is soldier-friendly. The AK 56 does have a hooded enclosed front sight. Whereas the AK 47 has a somewhat enclosed front sight.

The AK 47 is also known as Avtomat Kalashnikova, Kalashnikova, or simply AK. It is a gas-powered assault rifle with a detachable magazine that can fire 30 rounds in one shot. It was invented in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikova. It is the most famous rifle in the world after all those years of production. The number 47 denotes the one that was inducted for formal trials, which was 1947.

The AK-56, often known as the Type 56, is an assault rifle. It is a variation of the Soviet Union’s AK 47 rifle. The AK 56 is a Chinese rifle that measures 7.62*39mm in length. Its manufacturing began in 1956, and it was eventually passed over to the companies Norinco and Poly Tech, who proceeded to manufacture and export it to various nations. AK 56 was supplied to numerous nations where guerrilla fighting was taking place during the Cold War. 

Comparison Table Between AK 47 and AK 56

Parameters of Comparison AK 47Ak 56
Place of OriginSoviet UnionChina
VariantsAKS 47, AKSN, AKM, RPN, Type 56 etc.Type 56, Type 56-1, Type 56-2
Firing range350 m300-400 m
No builtMore than 75 million10 Crore +
Rate of Fire It features varied firing rates such as cyclic, semi-auto, fighting, and bursts.650 rounds/min

What is AK 47?

The AK 47 type was initially designed in 1943 after Soviet Union soldiers were inspired by Germany’s Sturmgewehr 44 rifle during WWII. They quickly began developing semi-automatic weapons.

During 1949, the AK 47 quickly supplanted the SKS in Soviet service. Mikhail Kalashnikova, the creator, began working on it while serving as a soldier in 1941. The AK-47 was a cross of all prior rifle technologies.

It is indeed a gas-powered assault rifle that served in the Soviet Army from 1949 until 1974. After over seven decades of production, it is still famous and widespread utilized in all other nations.

Ak 47 is employed because it can be used in any tough environment, has a very cheap manufacturing cost, is simple to use, and is available in any geographical location. It is produced in practically every country and is utilized by military insurgencies, forces, and irregular troops.

The design of the AK 47 is fairly basic, completely automated, dependable, inexpensive, and rapid to produce. And during the 1940s, it was mass-produced. It’s also made up of a long-stroke gas system which may be employed in any type of emergency circumstance.

When fired, the AK 47 does have a velocity of 715 m/s. It has exceptional penetration, as it can pass through walls, metal bodies, and so on.

What is AK 56?

The AK 56 was first manufactured at State Factory 66 in 1956, but it has been eventually transferred to Norinco and Poly Tech, who continue to produce it today.

It really is extensively exported in many nations. This one has been deployed on various battlefields, including those in Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East.

It must have been built along the same lines as the AK-47. One of the versions of the AK 47 is the AK 56. This has been employed in various wars, including the Cold War, Croatian Wars, and Yugoslav Wars.

Because it strongly matches AK 47, AK 56 is widely utilized in television shows and film sets in the United States and the United Kingdom. The AK-56 is also available for civilian purchase in the United States.

Type 56, Type 56-1, and Type 56-2 are the three variations of the AK 56. Sri Lanka updated their British SLRs with AK 56s in the 1980s. In the People’s Liberation Army, the AK 56 is replaced in front services by Type 95, 81, and O3.

This is still used in reserve and militia groups today. The machined receiver of Type 56 distinguishes it from the AK 47. It features a fully covered and hooded front side.

Main Differences Between AK 47 and AK 56

  1. AKS 47, AKSN, AKM, RPN, Type 56, and more versions of the AK 47 exist. Whereas, Type 56, Type 56-1, and Type 56-2 are the three variations of the AK 56.
  2. Mikhail Kalashnikova, a Russian designer, created the AK 47 for the Soviet Union after WWII. Whereas, The AK 56 was a Chinese replica of the AK 47.
  3. The AK 47 does have a 350-meter range. Whereas, the AK 56 does have a range of 300-400 meters.
  4. The AK 47 is being used in over 75 million units. Whereas, AK 56 has been manufactured in over ten crore pieces.
  5. The AK 47 offers a variety of firing rates, including Cyclic, which might fire 600 rounds per minute, Combat, Semi-Auto (40 rds/min), and bursts (100 rds/min). Whereas, The AK-56 can fire at a rate of 650 rounds a minute.


The AK 47 and AK 56 are both gas-powered assault rifles. These are both automatic with removable magazines. Both employ 7.62*39 mm ammunition and standard magazines that can contain up to 30 shots. Both rifles utilize a revolving bolt firing mechanism. When it comes to range, each has a maximum shooting range of 400 meters. The difference between the two guns is barely discernible. In the current world, it’s tough to find an original AK-47. While China has been mass-producing the AK-56 since the 1980s.


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