Difference Between Air France and British Airways (With Table)

The aviation industry is important. It is the leading transportation way to connect culture, business and people across the globe. There are three categories of airlines, such as National, Major and Regional airlines. Airlines provide air transportation facilities to people. And thereby, it promotes economic growth, tourism, and international trade. It allows people to travel to a far distance in a short time. Air France and British Airways are the most popular airlines in the world. They are known for offering a smooth and comfortable travelling experience.

Air France vs British Airways

The main difference between Air France and British Airways is that the classes of service provided by them. Both of these are certified as four-star airlines. The quality and staff services of these airlines are top-tiered. Air France and British Airways provide four class services, with lots of additional features for a luxurious, comfortable travelling. On the other hand, British Airways provide best business class experience.

Air France has four classes. They are standard Economy class, Premium Economy, La premiere and Business class. Air France has grabbed third place in Skytrax’s 2019 World Airline Awards given for the world’s best first-class airlines and business class seats in Europe. Air France is luxurious with Wi-Fi, and inflight entertainment; it serves complimentary refreshments and meals according to the duration of the flight. It provides a comfortable, luxurious experience.

British Airways also provide four classes of service. They are Economy class, world traveller plus, Club Europe and Club World. British Airways is one of the leading airlines, and it offers extraordinary business class services. British Airways service is available all over the world, except Antarctica. British Airways was started in 1924. It is one of the largest airlines in the United Kingdom in terms of fleet size. It is also one of the founding members of the OneWorld alliance.

Comparison Table Between Air France and British Airways

Parameters of ComparisonAir FranceBritish Airways
Fleet sizeAir France has 215 aircraftsBritish Airways has more than 280 aircrafts
DestinationsAir France covers 36 domestic destinations, and 175 international destinations in 93 countriesBritish Airways covers more than 170 destinations in 70 countries
ChairpersonAnne Rigail is the current CEO of Air FranceSean Doyle is the current CEO of British Airways
Best airline RankAir France ranked eighth in 2019.British airways ranked fourth in 2019.
FoundedAir France founded on 7 October 1993British Airways was founded on 31 March 1924

What is Air France?

Air France is a major transporter. There are more than 42,000 staffs who work for Air France to provide smoother, unique travel experiences to its customers. Air France provides in-flight entertainment, in-flight catering and Le salon.

Air France had the seahorse logo of its predecessor air Orient. But in 2009, it officially changed its logo to a red stripe. Air France also had been involved in accidents in the past. On June 1st, 2009, Air France flight 447 and Airbus A330203 dashed into the Atlantic sea. Air France was founded in 1933. The headquarters of Air France is located in France, and it is the national airline of France.

Air France is a four-star airline. The quality of the airport, staff service and other services offered by Air France is top-notch. It flies over to almost 200 destinations, it is also a founding member of Sky Team. Air France is one of the leading airlines with the most satisfying and highest transport standards.

What is British Airways?

British Airways was founded on March 31, 1924. The slogan of British Airways is, ‘ To Fly. To Serve’. British Airways is renowned for its comfortable, luxurious service. It even flies to over 200 destinations.

British Airways is the United Kingdoms largest international carrier. The headquarter is sited at Harmondsworth, United Kingdom. The quality of service offered by British Airways is top-tiered. There are mightiest competitors for British Airways such as Easy Jet, Virgin Group, and Singapore Airlines. British Airways main hub is Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport. It is also a founding member of the One world airline alliance, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines and Qantas.

The unique characteristic of British Airways is that it owns one of the largest and most modern fleets in the world. The cabin crew of British Airways offer premium British hospitality. Passengers can get the most luxurious travel experience by choosing British Airways first class. The trips will be astounding and relaxing in British Airways.

Main Differences Between Air France and British Airways

  1. Air France provides complimentary refreshments and snacks according to the flight duration. Meanwhile, British Airways offer a buy-onboard service and free refreshments.
  2. Air France was established on 7 October 1933. British Airways was founded on March 31, 1924.
  3. Air France ranked as Eighth best airline in Europe, whereas British Airways grabbed the fourth rank.
  4. The main headquarter of Air France is in France, and the main headquarter of British Airways is in Harmondsworth, United Kingdom
  5. The fleet size of Air France is 215; meanwhile, British Airways has more than 280 aircraft.


Even though both airlines provide exceptional, luxurious travel experiences to the passengers; there are some facets in which these both differ. The fleet size, destinations covered, additional services, features vary from each other. But, there is no doubt in these both being top-notch airlines in the world.

Air France and British Airways offer premium service to their customers. British Airways and Air France have grabbed several awards, got recognized by magazines, and of course, they are popular. Air France has vast global coverage. Air France offers cost-less refreshments and meal services depending on the duration of the flight.

Air France offers first-class service, and British Airways is well known for presenting a better business class. British Airways and Air France offer high-grade and comparable experiences. There is also in-flight entertainment provided by these airlines.


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