Difference Between AI and Automation (With Table)

The ability of any computer brain or computer to do some work, which needs thinking power like human, or which needs intelligence, like a human is AI(artificial intelligence). On the other side automation is a type of technique that is mainly get used for the independent work of computers without any interference of human things.

AI vs Automation

The main difference between Ai and automation is that Ai has some interactions with human things because it works with experience and according to the human mind, but on other hand, automation only works according to instructions, with less or zero interactions of humans. Both terms include developing intelligence, but they are different from each other.

AI (artificial intelligence) is a developed ability of the computer to perform a task or things like any human mind, or it can be a robot that is controlled by any machine or computer for tasks, like any voice assistant. The reactive, theory of the mind, self-awareness and limited memory are some common types of AI.

Automation is making things according to the computer’s intelligence, or its work independently without taking the help of any human brain or work. Here are basic, process or integration types are present, which work differently, and each type has its role. The history of automation is very strong since 1946.

Comparison Table Between AI and Automation

Parameters of ComparisonArtificial IntelligenceAutomation
DefinitionAbility to do things like a human with the help of their brain powerWorking without the help of a human, and doing work independently in the same order
Way of workingWork according to own mind and knowledgeWork systematically with the help of programming.
Accuracy power of workIt’s a thinking and do all work to make it betterIt works according to their programming accuracy of working
The unique ability to do thingsThe AI can do something newIt do things repeatedly
ExampleGoogle Assistant, which works like a humanWorking machines in factories or in industries

What is AI?

Humans have a powerful brain and they develop many things. Humans invented the internet, software with the power of their thinking. They also created artificial intelligence, in which computer things can also work or think like humans. The main motive of AI creation is giving powers to some computer things, so they can think and function as a human.

John McCarthy use the word AI-first time in the year 1955, and they do some related work on this, and that is why they are also known as the father of Artificial intelligence. Many movies are also created on this topic because it’s a symbol of developing thinking and the world in technology. It’s a powerful method, which can make many things easier for humans.

Many people used AI things in their daily use, such as the availability of the goggle assistant, which can search things with a voice message, no need to type anything. Now AI become an important part of human life because it makes work easier than before, and it’s able to do work with proficiency and fast than any normal human. Many apps are based on AI.

What is Automation?

The word automation is made with automatic and operation words, which define its definition somewhere. Automation is a technique in which machines or any process get automatic, and in this machines can do work of humans, without their help, like buying some machines for packaging without hiring any human employees. Many examples are present of automation, in different industries, like machines.

The main three types of automation are fixed automation, programmable automation, and flexible automation. The fixed automation type has a fixed process with no change, and it also has a high amount of production rate. On another side, the programmable operation can control operation sequence with the help of the program. The third flexible automation counters the problems of two other types.

Automation become a popular choice for many people, who wants to save their money, and want to work with accuracy, and work in time, which can possible with automation. If any machine is making any product and then packaging it to deliver, then it also comes in the automation category because it’s working without any help of the human brain or human brain.

Main Differences Between AI and Automation

  1. AI works with some experience, like a human, and learns things from people. On the other side, automation is set to perform some tasks specifically according to some functions.
  2. AI makes decisions according to their thinking, or according to the ability of the human brain. Automation work repeatedly according to their software instructions.
  3. Ai includes some human things because they work like a human brain or thinking power. Automation does not include any human interference, even it does not think like a human.
  4. Automation has some limited capabilities or power to do something and AI has limitless power like humans because it can analyze more things with the help of brainpower.
  5. The AI mostly gets used in any offices, or in big areas for making important decisions. Automation is mostly gets used in some industrial areas.


AI can help the world for proper development, and if any robot has the power of AI, so the robot can make some decisions, which is hard for the normal human brain and that is why according to many people AI can change many things in the whole world. AI and automation seem similar sometimes, but both are very different from each other.

Automation can’t do things like AI, but AI can do things like automation, and even can do better than automation. Both words are founded in the time of the 19s and they are getting developed day by day by new inventions, and by new uses of these words, in different areas for different important things.


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