Difference Between Agora and Acropolis (With Table)

Ancient Greeks people who lived on the mainland of Greek were ingenious and amazing architects. The buildings and monuments built by them are still used as an example of excellence. The logic they had and the details they focused on were astonishing. Example of such magnificent craftsmanship is Agora and Acropolis.

Agora and acropolis are the places in Ancient Greek. Agora was a popular place for the assembly of people and Acropolis was the highest point in the city. Further differences between both the cities is explained in detail.

Agora vs Acropolis

The main difference between Agora and Acropolis is the purpose for which they were used. Agora was the place where people assembled and gathered. While Acropolis was the highest place in the city.

Agora was an open place where people of the city met and gathered for various purposes. It was in the time of Ancient Greeks. The Greek culture was rich in architecture. The agoras are the perfect example of their architectural skill. Agoras were of great importance for Ancient Greeks. The location of agoras was generally beside water bodies or at the center of city.

Acropolis was built on a high point in city. Acropolis was home to the various local rulers of that time. Acropolis was considered a religious place since ancient times. Also, it was situated at high points so that people in the city can stay there at times of war. At the boundaries of the Acropolis of Athens various monuments and structure were built. This structure adorned the surrounding of Acropolis as well as they were the protective shield, which protected the place.

Comparison Table Between Agora and Acropolis

Parameters of ComparisonAgoraAcropolis
MeaningA large space where people gatheredA place built on the high point within the city
PurposeIt was a place for get together and interactIt was a place where important decisions were made
Nature of setting InformalFormal
ActivitiesReligious activities, marketing, get-together, etc.Forts, castles, home to local rulers, etc.
ImportanceIt was the center of the city where all socializing took placeIt was an important place from the political aspect

What is Agora?

The word agora has an Ancient Greek origin. Meaning of this word itself defines the purpose for which it was used. Agora means a place where all the people of city gathered for social or political reasons. This large place was used for holding meetings. Location of agora’s were generally large open places surrounded by temples and other buildings. In Greeks agora’s were located either in center of city or at the river side. This place was beautifully decorated with essence of nature like trees, water bodies at on side etc.

Agoras played a very important role in life of people of Ancient Greeks. This place was a part of their daily life. Some people visited it for religious purpose, some for political purpose while some for social purpose. May what so ever the purpose was, agoras were part of people’s lifestyle.

Agoras were broadly classified into two types: Archaic and Iconic. Archaic agoras were those in which arcades were not included. These agoras looked somewhat disorganized. Examples of archaic agoras are The Agora of Elis. Another type of agora is Iconic agoras. Iconic agoras were those in which arcades were included. They looked more organized. Arcades were arranged in a way that formed symmetrical shapes.

What is Acropolis?

Acropolis is called ‘highest point in city’. In Ancient Greeks a beautiful and astonishing structure was created with great craftsmanship depicting the excellence of architect of that time known as Acropolis of Athens, Greece.

The importance and value of Acropolis is from centuries back. It was considered as a holy place were god’s lived, a great attraction for tourist from around the world and also a place of religious beliefs. The way of construction is so sophisticated that even after so many climatic changes and so many natural disaster that place remained the same. It is believed that construction of Acropolis took thousands of years and lots of hard work. Various magnificent temples were build around the Acropolis of Athens. It is also believed that long back this place was home to local rulers of that time.

Later at the boundaries of Acropolis of Athens, various structures were built to protect and adorn the place. A monument called The Propylaea was the gateway of Acropolis. Also, a temple was built in the east of gateway of Acropolis. These temple was built in traditional style. Each and every building and structure around the Acropolis of Athens was built with equal passion and skill of craftsmanship.

Main Differences Between Agora and Acropolis

  1. Agora was a place used by the people of Ancient Greeks to socialize. While Acropolis were a place were meetings were held.
  2. Agora was a place of informal setting. While Acropolis was a place of formal setting.
  3. Agora was used for organizing fairs, marketplace and get together. While Acropolis was a important place for activities like formal meetings, taking political decision and residence of local ruler.
  4. Agora was situated mostly at center of city and also beside the water bodies. Acropolis was situated at high points in city.
  5. Agoras was important from social aspect. While Acropolis was important from political aspect.


The conclusion can be made that the people of Ancient Greeks were skilled and had excellent craftsmanship. Agoras and Acropolis are the two places that hold equal importance back in life of Greeks. Agoras were large spaces were people used to socialize and interact. Acropolis was the place were the rulers of Ancient Greeks lived. This place was the place of formal setting where all the important decision was made. It was a very important place from the political aspect.


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