Difference Between Agnostic and Atheist (With Table)

Every human has different mindset. Mindset is belief system which we hold about our self. Mindsets is the reason different people see same things and situations in a different way. On the basis of people believing on god, they are broadly categorised into 2 groups Agnostic and Atheist.
The term agnostic and atheist have broader differences in beliefs, life after death, types etc. which is stated below.

Agnostic vs Atheist

The main difference between agnostic and atheist is that agnostic is uncertain about existence of god. On the other hand atheist doesn’t not believe god exist.

Agnoistics have a feeling of uncertainty about existence or non-existence of god. They believe that the ultimate reality is unknown. They state that it is impossible for a human to know about the creation of universe and existence or non-existence of a divine power. There are different types of agnoistics and are divided on the basis of there belief. Some are: strong agnosticism, mild agnoistics, weak agnoistics etc.

Atheist does not believes in existence of god or any divine power. Generally atheist are non-religious. The absence of belief that god exist and the problem, suffering and evil existing in the world is the reason atheist do not believe in god and are non-religious.

Comparison Table Between Agnostic and Atheist

Parameters of
MeaningUncertain feeling about existence or non-existence of god.Does not believe in god.
Coined byT.H Huxley, British biologistDerived from Greek word atheos
Belief in godBeliefs that it is not possible for a human to proof the existence or non-existence of godDoes not beliefs in god.
Life after deathThey believe it is impossible to know.The thoughts varies. Most of them thinks that death is end of existence.
Famous figuresAlbert Einstein, Carrie Fisher, Warren Buffet.Richard Dawkins, Woody Allen, Peter Singer.

What is Agnostic?

These term is often misunderstood by people. Agnostic are the people uncertain about existence or non-existence of god. According to them it is impossible for a human to get the absolute knowledge about god, divine forces and creation of universe or how the universe was created. This term was framed by Thomas Henry Huxley, who was a British biologist.

There are specific types of agnostics like: Strong agnosticism(They believe that world is experienced only through subjective experience. Humans are unable to see beyond their limitations), Weak agnosticism(They have same belief than of strong agnosticism but allows a place for exploration), Agnostic atheism(They believes that there is no exact statement for or against deity), Agnostic Theism(They believe that there is no proof about any deity), etc.
Famous figures with belief in agnosticism are Albert Einstein, Carrie Fisher, Brad Pitt, Neil Gaiman, Warren Buffet. Leonardo DiCapiro admitted to be an agnostic. Zac Effron also agreed to be an agnostic.

What is Atheist?

Atheist are the people who does not believe in god or existence of divine forces. The term was coined from a Greek word atheos which means without gods. Atheism means absence of beliefs in deities. People believe in atheism because of lack of evidence, existence of problems and evils. Sometimes people are misunderstood for beign an atheist. Being an atheist doesn’t mean spreading hate. It simply means not believing in existence of god and not following any religion. Following religion and being a atheist or agnostic is a complete personal choice.

Atheist people are considered to be non-religious but there are parts of some major religion who does not believes in existence of deities. Buddhism is a religion which is described by some as nontheistic religion due to belief in absence of creator god. Some sources state that the percent of Atheist in the world are 7%. Many people believes to replace all religion with humanism. There are 2 types of atheist: No-concept atheist and positive atheist. No-concept atheist are those who just don’t believe in god because they never thought or tried to think about this topic. Positive atheist are those does not believe in god because of inadequate evidence available.

Famous figures with belief in atheism are Richard Dawkins, Albert Camus, Sam Harris, Dan Barker, Woody Allen. George coolney, raised in a catholic family, doest not belives in supreme power. Angelina Jolie also considers herself to be an atheist.

Main Differences Between Agnostic and Atheist

  1. The main difference between agnostic and atheist are belief in god. Agnosticism is belief in god whereas Atheist is no belief in god.
  2. Life after death is also a point of difference between the two. Agnostic believe that human cannot get the absolute knowledge about life after death and Atheist believe death is the end.
  3. The origin of the two word is also different. Agnostic word was coined by T.H Huxley a British biologist whereas Atheist originated from a Greek word atheos which means without gods.
  4. Due to difference in belief the lifestyle of agonist and atheist are different.


Agnostic and atheist are two words antonym of each other. They vary in belief, types and thoughts. Difference between the two is due to different mind-set and thought-process. Every person is free to be agnostic or atheist according to one’s pesonal belief.


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