Difference Between Advice and Suggestion (With Table)

The phrases advice and suggestion are closely similar, but an advice is used as a noun to refer to an opinion that has been recommended or offered, whilst a suggestion is used as a noun to refer to an idea or a fact that has been put up for study or discussion.

Advice vs Suggestion

The main difference between Advice and Suggestion is that Advice is something that must be adhered to in the letter of the law. If you choose to ignore someone’s advice, you may incur financial or other consequences. On the other hand, a suggestion is something that is frequently made in a nice and helpful way. It is entirely up to you whether or not to take such advice. It has no negative impact on your health.

Advice is used in the meaning of advising. One can either give counsel or merely provide a solution. To me, the advice seems to be a form of command and control, if not. Merriam Webster defines ‘advice’ as a recommendation for a decision or action/ Notice or information supplied —usually plural/ A formal business notice.

A suggestion, on the other hand, is an idea. As a strategy or a concept, suggestion seems to be employed without command or control. It is used to describe any general idea. Merriam Webster defines ‘suggestion’ as an idea of what someone should do or behave indirectly. An action, characteristic, or appearance that seems to imply something’s existence.

Comparison Table Between Advice and Suggestion

Parameters of ComparisonAdviceSuggestion
DefinitionAdvice is used as a noun, and it refers to an opinion that has been advised or presented.Suggestion is a word meaning an idea or information put forward for investigation or discussion.
SynonymsGuidance, Adjuration, Input, RecommendationClue, Indication, Intimation, Idea
IllustrationsSharon gave me the perfect “advice“.I really appreciate your kind “suggestion”.
ConsequencesChallenges might follow if one fails to take advice.No such consequences as such generally.
Formality levelFormal.Casual mostly.

What is Advice?

The term “advice” is used mostly in the sense of coaching someone on what to do in response to a specific phenomenon that he or she does not fully comprehend. Expert advice may be the key to solving the current challenge. It is important to note that advice is formal and involves both control and command because the person who is delivering it has extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

In the context of advice, a recommendation or expression of an opinion is denoted by the term “opinion.” Advice is more valuable than counsel because it is counsel. It has been brought to you by someone who is well-versed in the subject. The individual who provides advice has also thoroughly researched all of the information at their disposal, as well as what will or will not occur if the advice is implemented. General recommendations, on the other hand, are made and should be followed. The term counsel is also used as a noun in this context.

What is suggestion?

A suggestion is less formal than an advice, and it conveys a more personal message. In most cases, it is employed when someone wishes to offer an opinion based on his or her own personal experience. Friends, family, and coworkers, for example, frequently pass along recommendations to one another. Even a friendly stranger with no prior knowledge can make a recommendation based on personal experience.

The word “suggest” is the least formal of the three verbs in this sentence. This verb is used in a variety of situations to present an idea, an opinion, or a possible course of action for someone to consider. It should be noted that in everyday English, the verbs “suggest” and “recommend” are sometimes used interchangeably, especially in informal situations.

Advice and suggestion are two distinct words that are frequently confused and used interchangeably; however, these words are not interchangeable and must be distinguished from one another. Example: “Suggest” me something better. Jim “suggested” me to move the table to the dining area.

Main Differences Between Advice and Suggestion

  1. The formality of advice vs. suggestion is one of the main differences. A suggestion is informal whereas advice is formal. Also, advice is command and control because the giver has expertise and knowledge in that field. This is not the same as a recommendation, which is just a plan or an opinion about the situation.
  2. The experience required to give advice and make a suggestion varies. Those that give guidance are informed and skilled in the subject concerned. However, anyone can make a suggestion regardless of their level of expertise, knowledge, or experience.
  3. Marketing has recently surfaced as one of the main contrasts between advice and recommendation. To commercialize the issue, offering advice has created consultancies. This is not the case for recommendation services, which cannot be monetized due to the lack of contribution and professionalism.
  4. The degree to which advice and ideas are implemented varies, with advice being implemented more than suggestions. People like to follow expert advice since it often contains solutions to current issues. However, people do not trust persons who are not competent or experienced in the field in question, therefore their proposals are not implemented.
  5. It’s vital to note that other professions’ advice might be strict, authoritative, and dominating, with serious implications. A proposal is a particular individual’s view or plan or perspective that may or may not be followed.


Advice and suggestion are two words that are commonly misconstrued and used interchangeably, yet they are distinct. Despite the differences between advice and suggestion, it is crucial to note that both words are nouns in the English language. Understanding the meaning of each word helps one use them efficiently without confusing the audience. Also, understanding the distinction between the two categories allows one to attach different values to advice or proposals, such as implementation and repercussions.


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