Difference Between Advice and Advise (With Table)

It is normal to get confused between two words that pronounce the same and have only a minor difference in their spellings. For example- Advice and Advise are two such words that confuse people the most. They pronounce the same and the spelling is almost the same too.

Advice vs Advise

The main difference between Advice and Advise is that Advice is a noun whereas Advise is a verb. You give or take advice and on the other hand, you advise someone or someone advises you. Advice and Advise cannot be used in place of each other in a sentence. 

Advice is a noun that means to give suggestions or provide an opinion worth listening to or following. Advice is unwelcomed which means you can get or give advice without a demand. Sometimes advice is used during formal conversations. Advice means to tell someone what to do.

Advise is a verb- an action that means to offer an opinion or to give counsel. It means giving suggestions to someone about what they should do. It’s like you advise someone to wear a raincoat before stepping out in the rain. Words like “Please advise” often come in email conversations

Comparison Table Between Advice and Advise

Parameters of ComparisonAdviceAdvise
DefinitionAdvice means to counsel or give an opinion that is worth following. Advise means to give suggestions to someone.
Parts of SpeechAdvice is a nounAdvise is a verb.
PronunciationAdvice is pronounced as “ed-va-ice”. Advise is pronounced as “ed-vai-z”.
ExampleThe best advice my grandfather gave me is that my life is my responsibility.She advised me to umbrella as it is going to rain.
FormsUsed as only advice. It has no other forms.It changes its forms according to the tense as advise is a verb.

What is Advice?

Advice is a noun that means a suggestion or opinion. You can use the word advice in a sentence when you want to use a noun for an opinion or suggestion. Advice basically means an opinion offered or recommended that is worth following and is mostly positive. Someone might say you take my advice and you’ll not regret it. 

People often say that they heard or read a piece of advice that changed their life completely (in a positive way). You generally receive or give advice. You never advice someone instead you give them advice. Advice can never be used in place of advise as advice is a noun and advise is not. 

Here are some examples of advice: 

  1. Here’s some advice for you: Never blame others for your mistakes.
  2. You should follow the doctor’s advice if you’re sick.
  3. A mother’s advice can save a child from so many problems.
  4. If a student listens to their teacher’s advice, they will never fail.
  5. You are too proud to take anyone’s advice not even your father’s. 

What is Advise?

Advise simply means offering suggestions to someone about what is the best course of action for them at the moment. It also means to recommend. These are some of the common meanings of the word “advise”. But sometimes advise is used to inform somebody about a situation or event in a professional or official way. For example, The management will advise you of the necessities. 

Sometimes advise means to warn someone about the consequences of their actions. It also means to give advice. Advise is a verb and is pronounced as “ed-vai-z”. The end pronounces like you pronounce, please. Here are some examples of how to use advise in a sentence. 

  1. The court advised us to give our marriage one more chance.
  2. I advised her to take an umbrella with her but she didn’t listen to me. 
  3. She advised her husband to take a pill if he feels sick.
  4. Doctors always advise us that precautions are better than cure.
  5. My father advised me to take risks while investing.

Advise and advice can be used in a sentence together but not interchangeably. Just like you can’t use a name, let’s say, John, instead of a verb, let’s say, come. 

Main Differences Between Advice and Advise

  1. Advice is a noun and used in place of a noun whereas advise is a verb and is used in place of a verb in a sentence. 
  2. Advice means an opinion or suggestion. On the other hand, advise means to give someone a suggestion or inform someone about a situation. 
  3. Advice and advise are commonly seen together in a sentence but should never be used in place of each other.
  4. You take someone’s advice and listen to somebody’s advise. 
  5. Advice is mostly positive but advise is not necessarily positive always. 


Advice and Advise are the two most common words used in day-to-day English conversations. People often use one in place of the other while speaking or writing because these two words are pronounced and are written almost the same. There’s one tiny difference and it is often ignored. This ignorance changes the whole meaning of a sentence.

One should be clear with the meanings of Advice and Advise so that they don’t make the same mistakes again. In short, Advice is a noun, and Advise is a verb. One can’t possibly use a noun in place of a verb and vice versa. It just doesn’t make sense. 

To avoid such mistakes in the future, advice means any suggestion or opinion and it mostly applies universally. Whereas advise means to give a suggestion that the person who is giving suggestion thinks is right. It may or may not be right but it’s implied that it is for the benefit of the person who is getting advised. 


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