Difference Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2 (With Table)

Sneakers aren’t only stylish, it is a necessary item to have. People love to extend their shoe collection, and they don’t get satisfied even if they possess 100 pairs of sneakers. Adidas superstar sneakers are all-time trendy kicks.

Superstars is the best stylish kicks introduced by Adidas. This type of shoes from Adidas was first introduced in 1969 as a low top version of basketball shoes. Adidas superstar shoes were originally available in white, red, black, and navy color. This shoe is also nicknamed “shell shoes”, “shell tops”, “clamtoe” etc. These shoes are worldwide popular shoes.

Adidas Superstars 1 vs 2

The main difference between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2 is that the Adidas Superstar 1 is the original collection and Adidas Superstars 2 is the reinvention of the original shoe. Since these shoes have all-leather upper and rubber shell toes, they are referred to as “shell tops”. Adidas Superstars 1 and 2 are sub-brands that differ in design and release dates.

Adidas Superstar 1 is an original edition. This shoe is the first low top basketball shoe that contains a leather upper and rubber toe. Indeed Adidas superstar 1 is a great invention. It is super comfy and possesses a good athletic footwear design. Not only these, but these sneakers also provide maximum protection as well. A person can wear this shoe without the laces or with the tongue out. This is a perfect shoe to show off with.

Adidas Superstar 2 is the reinvention of Adidas superstar 1. This model has bolder colours and prints. The main change is, it contains full leather. It is so comfortable to wear this shoe since it has a thick padded tongue. Adidas superstar 2 provides extreme support and protection too, it doesn’t even compromise with the style. This shoe is really aesthetic and stylish. One of the new editions of Adidas superstar 2 is Def Jam.

Comparison Table Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2

Parameters of comparison Adidas Superstars 1Adidas Superstars 2
PaddingAdidas superstar 1 possess thin tongueAdidas Superstars 2 has a thick padded tongue
ColorAdidas Superstars 1 has lighter coloursSuperstars 2 has bold, complex colours and prints
Labelling This shoe has superstar labelling on its sideThis model doesn’t contain superstar labelling on the side of the shoe
Silk lining It has all-leather upper and rubber toe and no silk liningSilk lining present with full rubber
OriginalityAdidas superstar 1 is released in 1969. It is the original shoe of superstar shoe seriesAdidas superstar 2 is a reinvented version of the original superstar shoe

What is Adidas superstars 1?

Adidas Superstar 1 is launched in 1969. It is the original shoe model and gained a lot of attention and fame during that time. It is super comfy and stylish. This shoe even found its way into the streets and people embraced this model. This is the best basketball shoe ever launched.

When the Adidas superstars 1 went into the market in the first year, three-quarters of NBA players had worn this shoe. This shoe gained lots of fans. Famous athletes, artists embraced these shoes and promoted them worldwide. The famous basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabbar multiplied the fan base of this shoe by being a big fan of it.

Adidas have released different editions of superstars 1. These superstar 1 shoes have a thin rubber toe, superstar branding on the side of each shoe, leather upper. Even though superstar 1 lacks some features it is an important milestone for Adidas. It is a stylish, cool shoe with a large fan base.

What is Adidas Superstars 2?

Adidas Superstar 2 is the reinvented model of superstar 1. It is the best ever shoe of Adidas’s iconic series. This shoe is really cool with bold colours and different prints. This shoe did really hit the jackpot as it got huge fans. Athletes, celebrities, musicians everyone started to praise this model. This is really a high-quality shoe, with lots of extraordinary features.

Adidas superstar 2 has thick padding, silver lining, and full leather. This shoe is really comfortable and provides protection. The silk lining in Adidas superstar 2 gives a soft feeling to the one who wears it. It even contains a herringbone pattern for more grip. Indeed, it is one of the best shoes ever. There are several editions of superstar 2 as well.

This shoe is really colorful and even possess customized graphics. The marketing team of Adidas superstar 2 has really given a well thought because when they launched superstar 2 they planned on giving superstar 2 name to the shoe instead of giving another name. It’s because, they thought if they carry the same name, the shoes will be a top hit and the sales will reach a higher height. And yes, Adidas superstar 2 is a hit shoe with lots of fan bases.

Main Differences Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2

  1. Adidas Superstar 1 was launched in 1969. Meanwhile, Adidas Superstar 2 is the reinvention of original Superstar 1.
  2. Adidas Superstar 1 has lighter colors. And Adidas Superstar 2 comes in bold, Complex colors and prints.
  3. Adidas Superstar 1 has thin padding, but Adidas Superstar 2 has super comfortable thick padding.
  4. Adidas Superstar 1 has a silver lining. There is no silver lining seen in the Superstar 2 model.
  5. On the side of Superstar 1 shoe, ‘superstars’ is written. There is no written ‘superstars’ word on the side of the Superstar 2 shoes.


Everyone loves to have diverse shoe collections. Shoes go out good with any outfit. But, most people are brand freaks and they would love to extend their sneaker collection, by looking at the brand, features and new additions.

Adidas superstar 1 and superstar 2 is an iconic series released by Adidas. There is a huge fan base for Adidas superstar models. They are super comfy and protective. The padding is soft and there is a lot of features in these both shoe models. These shoe models are trendy forever. These shoes are popular and now people wear them as casual shoes which goes well with all outfits, rather than worn as a sports shoe.

These shoes are now sold with brand new colorways and a variety of designs. It is a must-have shoe. Adidas Superstars shoes are really awesome and cool. It is one of the shoes, that gained lots of popularity within a short span. So, it’s time to grab these amazing pairs.


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