Difference Between Adequan and Legend (With Table)

Adequan and Legend are brands under the medical category. The composition of both medicine are different. So which medicine will suit which breed of horse may vary. Both Adequan and Legend perform same function i.e treating joint pains but the way of performing differs. It is considered best to consult with vet before injecting any medicine. Further differences between Adequan and Legend are discussed in detail.

Adequan vs Legend

The main difference between Adequan and Legend is the composition of the medicine. Adequan is mainly composed of Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. While Legend is mainly composed of Hyaluronate sodium.

Adequan is a brand name of a medicine that is mainly composed of Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. This medicine is used to treat joint pain and joint disease in horses and dogs. The medicine is mainly focused on repair of cartilage. This problem arises when horses are used in sports and their critical postures affect their joints, causing long-term problems. Adequan is an effective medicine for solving joint problems.

Legend is a brand name that is mainly composed of Hyaluronate sodium. Joint problems in horses and dogs are also concerned with lubrication between joints. Legend takes care of proper lubrication which results in better movement. Legend is basically a concentrated and pure form of Hyaluronate sodium. Legend shows its effect within a few days and are used as last-minute dose for enhancing the performance of horses.

Comparison Table Between Adequan and Legend

Parameters of comparisonAdequanLegend
CompositionMajorly consist of Polysulfated glycosaminoglycanMajorly consist of Hyaluronate sodium
Price Range Comparatively cheaperExpensive
Molecular weightHigherLower
AdministrationNeeds to be administrated for a month every 3-4 daysNeeds to be administrated weekly for a month
ResultsFocuses on repairing the cartilageImproves lubrication of joints

What is Adequan?

Adequan is a brand that comes under the category of medicine. The name of medicine is “Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan”. This is used for treatment of dogs and horses. This medicine is in liquid form and the appearance is a colorless or light tint of yellow. After injecting Adequan administration needs to be done every 3-4 days for a month.

The medicine is used for treating joint pains and joint diseases in animals like dogs and horses. Horses are often used in sports and games. The posture of horses in some sports cause damage to their joints and can result in long-term problems. To avoid or reduce of permanent joint problems this medicine is used.

The medicine works effectively for almost 2 days after injection. Any dog and horse with joint pain can be injected with Adequan under normal conditions. Like most of the medicine there are certain advantages and disadvantages of Adequan also.

Advantages of Adequan are that they are good for treating joint pains in dogs and horses. This medicine has healing properties which improves the joint condition and also prevent any further damage. Disadvantages of Adequan includes slow or changed function of liver and kidney. Sometimes unhappiness or sadness are also noticed in Adequan.

What is Legend?

Legend is another brand under the medicinal categories. Hyaluronate Sodium(under desired quantity) is sold under the brand name Legend. This is also a medicine used for treating issues and problems in joints in horses and dogs. This medicine is on slightly pricier side. After injecting Legend administration needs to be done on weekly basis for a month.

When horses are constantly involved in sports activities, there is a point when issues and problems in their joints start arising. Pain, swelling, and joint-disease are common. Legend comes in handy at the last moment when a horse needs immediate attention before an event. When there is pain and inflammation in horses, Legend is a great relief.

Legend is very effective and shows fast effect to reduce pain and improve joint conditions.Vets should always be consulted and it is preferred that vets should inject this medicine in horses by themselves. Advantages of Legend are that they are great last-minute choices. Also, they provide great relief by lubricating the joint.

Main Differences Between Adequan and Legend

  1. Adequan is majorly composed of Polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. Legend is majorly composed of Hyaluronate Sodium.
  2. Adequan is comparatively cheaper. While Legend is on the expensive side.
  3. Adequan focuses on the repair of cartilage. While Legend improves the lubrication of joints.
  4. Adequan has a higher molecular weight. While Legend has comparatively lesser molecular weight.
  5. Adequan needs to administrated every 3 to 4 days for a month. While Legend needs to be administrated on a weekly basis for a month.


Conclusion can be made that both Adequan and Legend are used to treat joint pain and joint problems. Each of these has a specific composition, price range, and specific results provided by them. Adequan is mainly focused on repairing of cartilage while Legend focuses on proper lubrication of bones. After injecting Adequan administration needs to be done every 3 to 4 days for a month. While administration of Legend needs to be done on weekly basis for a month. Adequan is cheaper and more pocket-friendly. While Legend on the other hand is twice the price of Adequan.


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