Difference Between Abroad and Overseas (With Table)

When someone goes to another country, which is a foreign country, then it means the person is going in Abroad. On another side, when a person is visiting a place of any other country, or that is placed after the ocean area means the person is going in an Overseas.

Abroad vs Overseas

The main difference between Abroad and Overseas is that both words have their different meaning, abroad means visiting the country, which is not the birthplace of any person, and overseas means going to the country, which is beyond the sea. Overseas always get used before any noun according to the English language and, abroad get used when it’s describing anything.

Abroad get used, when someone is crossing their country boundaries, and entering another country, like India to America. If the Abroad is describing any particular word, it gets used after that word. It’s a common word, which gets used when someone is leaving their land.

When someone is leaving their country, and going to another place which comes after the sea,  so in this situation, a person is going in Overseas, like Going to Hawaii. It’s an adjective word in the verb. The Overseas not get used most, like in any letter, or any vocal talks.

Comparison Table Between Abroad and Overseas

Parameters of Comparison AbroadOverseas
Meaning of wordsGoing on a country, which is not beyond the water area.Going on a country area, which comes after the sea.
Uses of wordsWhen the word is defining something Placed before any noun word.
Popularity basesIt’s get used in most of the sentencesIt’s rarely get used in any formal writing
Mostly used vehicle for traveling All vehicles can get used but not the shipShip is common vehicle for water traveling
Formal talkingAbroad used for formal talking Not get used much for formal use

What is Abroad?

When someone leaves their own country and goes to another country, then it means they are going on abroad. The word abroad gets used most of the time as a role of the adverb in any sentence or paragraph. There are many syndromes abroad, like away from home.

In the pastime, the abroad word is known as the “on broad” word, now it gets changed with time, and in the 13th century, people started calling it the Abroad. Now it’s become the most common word which is used by people when someone is leaving their country, and traveling to another.  The word gets used in many formal forms too.

If anyone wants to travel to other countries, they can easily take the help of airplanes to go on abroad. If the abroad country includes the sea part in it, and the only way of traveling is a ship, it means the person is going overseas; it’s also abroad, but with a sea.

Abroad is a place, which is not the birthplace of someone, like if someone is going to another country for study, that is mean the person is studying Abroad. The traveler needs a full verified passport to travel abroad and to leave abroad.

What is overseas?

Overseas is the same as Abroad but, here are different meanings of both. Overseas have two words in it over and seas. The seas mean big bodies of water, like any sea, or ocean, and when someone says overseas it means going overseas, or over some big amount of water, like going in Hawaii.

The Overseas word is an adverb. According to the old English Going over a sea means over the seas, and the word gets popular in the time of world wars, and after some time people start calling. The word is not getting much used now, It’s also not that much get used in any formal languages.

If someone is going to another country over a sea, then it means they are going to an abroad place, but there is a sea in it, so it will become an overseas place. Most of the time Ship is the only traveling vehicle to go on another country of Overseas, but it’s not compulsory.

When anything is going from a sea, like any product, the owner will use the overseas word for describing the placement; many people use this word, which does a work of transferring product from one place to another place with the help of the sea, like past century times.

Main Differences Between Abroad and Overseas

  1. When used as an adjective, Abroad mostly gets used after the word, which is described by  Abroad, on the other side Overseas is always used before the noun.
  2. If someone is going in the country over a sea, so here the person used the overseas word, and if someone is going another country with the help of land traveling, so it means the person is going on an Abroad.
  3.  Abroad can share the border with another country, but Overseas never share the border of two countries, because there is a sea between them.
  4. Another strange thing is all countries which is not the birthplace of someone is also known as Abroad, but not all country known as Overseas place if they don’t have a sea.
  5. The Abroad word gets used by many people when it comes to going to another country, and Overseas do not get much in use.


The word abroad and Overseas are also synonyms of each other because both words indicate going out of the country, but they also have some basic differences, like the difference of a sea travelling. If someone searches abroad synonyms in Google, so then Google also shows that both are similar, but with different meanings.

People can use the abroad word instant using the word abroad, but they can’t use Overseas in the place of Abroad. All Abroad countries don’t include seas or oceans in it and that is why abroad is the most usable word than Overseas.


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