Difference Between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis (With Table)

The subject of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis is so widely discussed in America that it has become a popular topic for term papers. Students also write many essays regarding their perspectives on how the two people lived their lives and influenced America. Nonetheless, these two identities are quite similar. But what distinguishes them?

Abraham Lincoln vs Jefferson Davis

The main difference between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis is that the Union is represented by Abraham Lincoln, while the Confederacy is represented by Jefferson Davis.

Abraham Lincoln was an American legal advisor and legislator who filled in as the sixteenth leader of the United States from 1861 until his death in 1865. Lincoln drove the country through the American Civil War, keeping up with the Union, annulling subjugation, reinforcing the central government, and modernizing the economy of the United States.

Jefferson Finis Davis was an American politician who led the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865 as president. He was an individual from the Democratic Party in the United States Senate and House of Representatives before the American Civil War. He filled in as Secretary of War for President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1853 until 1857.

Comparison Table Between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis

Parameters of ComparisonAbraham LincolnJefferson Davis
Born Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky less than 50 miles from Jefferson Davis. While Jefferson Davis was born in Mississippi.
PresidencyAbraham Lincoln was the President of the Union.While the President of the Confederacy was Jefferson Davis
Believe Abraham Lincoln did not believe in a strict interpretation of the constitution.While Jefferson Davis mainly believed in a strict interpretation of the constitution.
Served InAbraham Lincoln served three months in the Black Hawk War. And he was a member of the Illinois State Legislature for multiple terms.Jefferson Davis served in two wars. He was regarded as the hero in Mexican Pierce.
EducationAbraham Lincoln was uneducated and was self-taught.While Jefferson Davis had the best education called West Point Graduate.

What is Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln, frequently known as Honest Abe, the Rail-Splitter, or the Great Emancipator, was the sixteenth leader of the United States from 1861 to 1865, and was liable for the safeguarding of the Union all through the American Civil War as well as the liberation of oppressed individuals in the country. Among American saints, Lincoln keeps on having a unique spot in the hearts of his kinsmen as well as individuals from different nations.

Lincoln was naturally introduced to destitution in a log lodge in Kentucky and experienced childhood with the boondocks, for the most part in Indiana. He was self-trained and proceeded to turn into a legal advisor, Whig Party pioneer, Illinois state legislator, and Illinois individual from Congress. His dad, Thomas Lincoln, was a relative of a weaver’s disciple who emigrated from England to Massachusetts in 1637. Thomas was a strong trailblazer, however not quite so prosperous as a portion of his Lincoln ancestors.

On June 12, 1806, Abraham Lincoln wedded Nancy Hanks. The Hanks family tree is tough to piece together, but Nancy looks to be an illegitimate child. “Stoop-shouldered, thin-breasted, sorrowful,” and ardently devout, she has been described. Sarah, Abraham, and Thomas Lincoln were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln’s three children, all of whom died in infancy.

What is Jefferson Davis?

Jefferson Finis Davis was an American politician who led the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865 as president. Preceding the American Civil War, he was an individual from the Democratic Party in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he filled in as Secretary of War from 1853 until 1857. Davis was the most youthful of ten youngsters brought into the world in Fairview, Kentucky, to a fruitful rancher.

He grew up in Mississippi’s Wilkinson County and later lived in Louisiana. His older brother, Joseph Emory Davis, was instrumental in securing his younger brother’s admission to the United States Military Academy. Following graduation, Jefferson Davis served in the United States Army as a lieutenant for six years. During the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), he was commanded as a volunteer regiment.

Pior to the American Civil War, he had 113 enslaved people and ran a huge cotton plantation in Mississippi that his brother Joseph gave him. Despite his opposition to secession in 1858, Davis believed states had an unassailable right to secede.

Main Differences Between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis

  1. Compared to Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis has more political and military experience.
  2. The Confederacy was led by Jefferson Davis, while the Union was led by Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Despite his lack of military expertise, Lincoln was seen as a competent president. Davis, on the other hand, was considered as having a higher likelihood of becoming a leader due to his experience as a public speaker and his knowledge of current affairs.
  4. Lincoln had disagreements with the Senate, while Davis was frequently irritated by Alexander Stephens, his vice president, who had a quite different ideal and mentality.
  5. The Republicans were so dismissive of Lincoln that he was unable to hold any Senate or Cabinet position before his election. Davis, on the other hand, is recognized as a leader who was quick to make enemies for the state and preferred to fight all opponents with force rather than focusing on making the government more solid.


This is a study of Abraham Lincoln’s and Jefferson Davis’ efficiency as Commanders in Chief during the Civil War. Their participation in the first military draught in American history is the final point of comparison. Davis had vast political and military expertise, but he had behavioral flaws early on that impeded his competence as Commander in Chief during wartime.

Lincoln had little experience, but he was a natural communicator. Before finally choosing Grant as General in Chief, Lincoln explored several different staff configurations. Throughout the conflict, Davis’ framework remained relatively unchanged.


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