Difference Between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 (With Table)

The physical dimensions of a ball bearing are measured according to the ABEC scale. The ABEC scale is used to make sure that the manufacturers can produce a product with utmost precision. There are Five Classes of bearings – 1,3,5,7,9. The higher the ABEC the more precision it provides. Hence this article will help you to know the difference between ABEC5 and ABEC 7.

ABEC 5 vs ABEC 7

The main difference between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 is that ABEC 5 bearings are used to upgrade the quality of skateboards or skates of higher quality whereas ABEC 7 bearings are generally used by the racers.

ABEC 5 is considered to be a big upgrade over ABEC 1 and ABEC 3. ABEC scale works on the principle of the higher the ABEC scale the better the performance of the bearing. ABEC 5 when used in Skates and skateboards can give a good skating experience at a good cost.

ABEC 7 is better than ABEC 5. It offers a great amount of speed and boasts a frictionless experience. The only minus to the ABEC 7 is that they are very expensive and they can’t be purchased, by everybody. Unless a person races professionally it might not be worth purchasing ABEC 7 bearings.

Comparison Table Between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7

Parameters of ComparisonsABEC 5ABEC 7
QualityABEC 5 are better than ABEC 1and ABEC 3 but not better than ABEC 7ABEC 7 are better than ABEC 5 by a margin.
CostThey are cheaper and may be worth the costThey are very expensive
Target AudienceThe target audience for ABEC 5 are amateur racersThe target audience for ABEC 7 are professionals
SpeedABEC 5 offers a good speed and are smooth to skate onABEC 7 are frictionless and are very fast
SalesSince it has a larger Target audience, It is sold moreIts sales are less due to its niche target market.

What is ABEC 5?

ABEC 5 are the bearings that are a cost-efficient option for amateurs. At the price at which ABEC 5 is sold, it gives the amateurs a smooth skateboarding or skating experience and a good speed. Since the amateurs are way too much more than the professionals. This is the reason for the larger market to ABEC 5 bearings. Along with this, the cheaper cost is an added benefit for it.

Due to the large market which is willing to spend the amount on ABEC 5, they sell significantly higher than the ABEC 7. These bearings offer a decent speed. Due to its speed not being too fast, they are optimum to use even for the children.

Along with the decent speed, ABEC 5 offers a smooth skating experience. The bearing type of ABEC 5 is 608 8mm. ABEC 5 boasts of the dimensions of an 8mm core along with a 22mm diameter and 7mm width. The bearing is made of steel and the steel quality used in the balls is steel GCr15. There are 7 pieces offered in the packet.

What Is ABEC 7?

Professional skateboarders and skaters often resort to using ABEC 7 as the optimum bearings for their skating endeavours. ABEC 7 is made of strong steel which aids the bearings to remain strong and round. ABEC 7 bearings did not wear out after a significant use which is often noticed with the ABEC 1, 3 and 5 bearings.

ABEC 7 bearings are dustproof as they use a double shield coating while manufacturing these bearings. The double shield coating helps to keep the dust from entering the bearings. Another benefit of ABEC 7 is that it is received lubricated, making it ready for use. ABEC 7 has a bearing type of 608 8mm. The bearings used in ABEC 7 are of the dimensions – 22mm diameters, 7mm width and 8mm core.

ABEC 7 has a really fast speed and they offer a frictionless experience. They are not meant for kids as they can gain a large amount of speed which can lead to accidents. ABEC 7 are the skates for anyone who wants the best skating or skateboarding experience and can spend the required amount. All the features of ABEC 7 are reflected in its price as it is really expensive when considered alongside the other bearings. This is one of the major reasons for the less amount of sales of ABEC 7 bearings

Main Differences Between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7  

  1. ABEC 5 have a better quality than ABEC 3 and ABEC 1 but tend to fall short to match the experience offered by ABEC 7.
  2. ABEC 5 are worth spending money on and are not hard on your purse. On the other hand, ABEC 7 is expensive and not everybody can afford ABEC 7 bearings.
  3. ABEC 5 have sufficient speed for racers who are not professionals but ABEC 7 is more preferred by the professional racers.
  4. ABEC 7 comes under class 4 whereas ABEC 5 comes under class 6.
  5. ABEC 5 offers a smooth experience. ABEC 7 has a frictionless experience making them faster.


Quality of bearings in skateboarding or skating is something that should be given heed to. The quality of bearings brings a significant difference in the experience of skateboarding or skating. ABEC scale is one of the measurement scales that considers all the factors and then bifurcates its bearings. ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 both the bearings are not used enough by the manufacturers. Manufacturers often resort to ABEC 1 and ABEC 3, as they are cheaper and sell more.

Newer models of the skates are seeing ABEC 5 and the expansion of the target market of professional skaters has seen a rise in the sales of ABEC 7 too. Quality while skating is something that matters especially who has a passion for skateboarding or skating. This is why the difference between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 is something of utmost importance to such individuals


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