Difference Between A Lavatory and A Sink (With Table)

Every house has different rooms served for different purposes for example for cleaning household utensils we have a kitchen, correspondingly for bathing and cleaning a body we have a bathroom. A Lavatory and sink are the two provisions made for this purpose.

The basic difference between the Lavatory and Sink is that Lavatory is referred to as a bathroom or a room containing a toilet whereas a sink is referred to as a wash basin where you wash hands and utensils. A sink is an object placed in kitchen or in bathroom, that people use for washing their hands or utensils.

Lavatory vs Sink

The main difference between a Lavatory and a sink is that a Lavatory is used to wash body parts such as hands, face, etc. It can also be used for other things, such as bathing, brushing teeth, etc. Whereas, the Sink is an object that is placed in the kitchen and used to wash utensils.

A lavatory is a room or place that contains sanitary facilities for other activities such as washing body parts, handling urine, and brushing teeth. There are also terms used to refer to lavatories such as a bathroom, toilet, restroom, and washroom.

A sink is an object placed in the kitchen, mainly used to wash dishes, hands, and vegetables under the flow of water from the faucet. There are many types of sinks to choose from, such as top mount sink bottom sink, container mount, etc.

Comparison Table Between A Lavatory and A Sink

ParametersA Lavatory A Sink
DefinitionA Lavatory is referred to as a room or a place containing sanitary installations.The sink is referred to as an object placed in the kitchen or bathroom.
UseA Lavatory is used for washing body parts or doing other activities like brushing teeth etc. The sink is used for washing kitchen utensils, vegetables, etc.
Material UsedCeramic material is used in Lavatory. Stainless steel is used for the sink.
Parts IncludeA Lavatory consists of a bathtub, basin, and mirror.The sink consists of a tap, faucet, and drain.
TypeThere are 3 types of lavatory, Quarter,3 Quarter, and master. There are two types of sinks, container and vanity.

What is Lavatory?

A Lavatory design is a room for a place containing sanitary installations for washing body parts, disposing of urine, and doing other activities like bathing, washing teeth, etc.

In former times, the Lavatory word was used to refer to washbasins but in today’s world, the meaning of lavatory has changed, In present time Lavatory they refer to facilities that allow us to excrete, dispose of urine as such toilets and other activities like bathing and cleaning teeth, etc.

There are several terms used to describe lavatories such as toilet, washroom, restroom, and bathroom. Three types of Lavatories, Quarter, 3 Quarter, and Master. Which you can select according to your need. The material used in Lavatory is always ceramic. A lavatory consists of a bathtub, basin, toilet, and a mirror.

It is important to choose the appropriate material for Lavatory as later on It gets extremely wet and damp. One must choose slip-resistant and mildew-resistant flooring parts. Also, regular cleaning and maintenance are required to oneself free from germs and insects, which can cause bacterial infections.

What is Sink?

A sink is also referred to as a washbowl, washbasin, and in simple words Basin. A sink is an object, which can be a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture that is used for washing hands, kitchen utensils, vegetables, etc.

The sink has taps attached that supply water for washing and rinsing purposes. The Sink also has a drain to remove water which we use and which prevents the overflow of water. A sink may also have a soap dispenser especially in kitchen sinks or inside the counter.

Stainless steel is mostly used in the kitchen sink as it is cost-effective durable and easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel easily doesn’t get damaged by hot or cold water and a durable and resist damage from impacts.

Sinks stay wet most of the time, so if you don’t clean them regularly, they can become a home for bacteria. Try to keep your sink clean after every use. There are a variety of scrubs in the market that can be used to cleanse your sink once you’ve done your dishes.

Main Differences Between A Lavatory and A Sink

  1. A Lavatory is referred to a place or room with a sanitary installation so people can excrete or wash body parts whereas a sink is an object placed in the kitchen where you wash utensils hands etc.
  2. The material used by Lavotary is ceramic, while the sink is mostly stainless steel or enamel-coated.
  3. The sink consists of a faucet, tap, basin, and drain whereas a Lavatory contains a toilet, bathtub, and mirror.
  4. A Lavatory is said to be a room or a place where a sink is a bowl-shaped object placed in the kitchen or bathroom.
  5. There are three types of Lavatory available Quarter, three Quarter or a master Lavatory Where the sink is of two types, which are the vessel and vanity.


Lavatories and sinks are means of uplifting the style and decor of the home. Both Lavatory and Sink are used as a medium for cleaning. People are often confused between Lavatory and sink but they are different in their way, as a Lavatory is considered as a room and Sink is an object placed in a room.

It is important to keep Lavatory and sinks clean and maintain hygiene to avoid any kind of infections or diseases. Systematic and regular cleaning is mandatory so that germs and other insects do not sit on surfaces that can cause bacterial infections.


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