Difference Between 7.1 Surround Sound and 7.2 Surround Sound (With Table)

As enhancements to the classic 5.1 and 5.2 standards, multichannel audio has progressed to the 7.1 and 7.2 norms. Several setups additionally offer separate rear left and back speakers for a complete 360-degree encounter. 7.2 adds an extra woofer towards the mix, allowing you to get a better sense of surround sound. For a comprehensive home theatre setup with a bigger space, a 7.2 arrangement is appropriate.

7.1 Surround Sound vs 7.2 Surround Sound

The main difference between the 7.2 Surround System and the 7.1 Surround System is the number of woofers. A 7.1 sound system comprises 8 presenters: two at the front, two in the back, one center, two flanks, and one bottom channel. On the other hand, one can have a 7.2 surrounding audio system if you add a woofer.

The first-ever integer counts the set of conventional speaker speakers contained in the set, per the nomenclature method being used in home entertainment. The tv’s mid-and high-frequency impulses are handled by these units. In this situation, 7.1 denotes an audio system setup with 7 loudspeakers. Even if the uncommon tracks in a 7.1 configuration lack an external link, the rear speakers are employed to generate an audio system illusion.

Consumers are requesting additional home theatre headphones, loudspeakers, and 7.2 audio system transmitters, which is why firms are producing successful and economical 7.2 home theatre systems. Audio/visual (AV) transmitters take audio and video impulses from various inputs and make them available on the Television screen and sound ports, accordingly, allowing users to view and hear movies, songs, pictures, and sports without interruption.

Comparison Table Between 7.1 Surround System and 7.2 Surround System

Parameters of comparison7.1 Surround Sound7.2 Surround Sound
Sound woofersonetwo
Sound-qualityHigh-qualityBetter than 7.1
RequirementLarge spacesSpacious rooms
Bass responseUnevenFuller and even
Additional price for
2nd woofer
Formats Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital
Plus, Dolby Pro Logic IIx,
Master Audio
Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby
Master Audio, Dolby
Digital Plus
Devices SupportedBlu-ray players, PS4, Xbox
One, HD DVDs,
PS4, Xbox One,
HD DVDs, Blu-ray players,

What is 7.1 Surround Sound?

DTS-HD Master Sound is a high-definition audio format. More individuals are watching movies and playing in our residences because of the development of “Entertainment Center in a Container” devices. When front & flank surrounding loudspeakers are simple to comprehend, the two rear drivers, but are a crucial component of such a 7.1 me and 7.2 setups and separate it of the 5.1 and also 5.2 mainstream, are not always so straightforward.

Those who are unfamiliar with home cinema frequently bring this up. For starters, cinema has exactly two styles: Dolby and Ds. Both of these are available in 7-channel and downstream variants and are interoperable with many of these modern home theatre speakers.

The 7 loudspeakers in the 7.1 arrangement are represented by the number 7:

  • 1 center
  • 2 front
  • 2 surrounding
  • 2 rear

It’s evident it you’ll be completely engaged in stereo speakers with 7 loudspeaker systems delivering your music. Therefore, there’s excellent audio system penetration, which is equivalent to having terrific audio, correct? With such a 7.1 entertainment center, customers get just that.

What is 7.2 Surround Sound?

7.2 isn’t that novel in the broad context of things. This is the most recent form of the sound system, and it’s rising in prominence just 2 or 3 years after its inception. Because that all matters sound/video is prone to trends, it’s no wonder that Flat Screen aficionados are now favoring this form of the often incredibly popular 7.1.

A growing number of firms are now selling 7.2 home theatre systems. Clients are requesting more hi-fi headphones, loudspeakers, and 7.2 decent sound transmitters, which is why firms are producing successful and economical 7.2 home theatre solutions. Businesses will extend their ear and hear if indeed the company introduced it.

  • Great for big rooms
  • Even cleaner bass effects
  • Multiple sound streams with an additional woofer source
  • The subwoofers are not able to be pinpointed.

A dual system has a benefit over 7.1 because of the influence of acoustic design just on minimal sounds. Inside an audio system configuration, getting 2 woofers can help to ease out the highs and lows. As a consequence, the bottom quality of sound is much better and much more precise.

And then you can leverage 7.2 whether it’s to make yourself feel better about the more complex listening experience or just to check that it is there. Both would have been perfectly OK.

Main Differences Between 7.1 and 7.2 Surround System

  1. The main difference between both is that the 7.2 surround system has an additional subwoofer.
  2. The 7.2 surround systems cost more than 7.1 surround systems.
  3. The 7.2 system has fuller and even bass unlike 7.1 which has uneven.
  4. The 7.2 possesses better sound quality than the 7.1 sound system.
  5. The 7.2 supports a few platforms whereas 7.1 supports the other few.


Most recent films were recorded in 7.1 sound systems, but so many earlier films in outdated audio codecs, but also several popular online streaming, can only be retransmitted in 5.1 and require modeling effort, such as Dolby Digital, to achieve the 7.1 sensations.

These were some of the greatest options for a 7.1 sound system in a home entertainment system unless you’re not finicky about audio codecs. The quantity of woofers is the key distinction between these two systems. Dual woofers are available in 7.2, whereas a solitary subwoofer is available in 7.1. In comparison to 7.1, 7.2 allows for more equal bottom sound systems.


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