Difference Between 4 size and 4t size (With Table)

As we know adult clothes sizes are classified as  XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, etc. Infant cloth sizes are specified according to months till they reach 1 year like 2M, 10M, etc. When the little ones grow up as toddlers the sizes are different. 4-year child clothes sizes are 4 size and 4t size. It is similar for other age kids like 3t size for toddlers of 3 years old and 5t for toddlers of 5 years old.

4 size vs 4t size

The main difference between 4 size and 4t size is that 4 size clothes are used by kids whose age is more than 3 years according to their true fit. 4t size clothes are widely used by little kids who didn’t finish their potty training. These clothes are for toddlers who are 4 years old . 4t size garments are wider which is provided for diapers. Difference between 4 size and 4t size clothes are only a few inches in length and width.

4 size outfits are generally for toddlers of age 4 or more whose potty training have been completed. At this age, little ones grew up faster so 4 size garments are made a little bit longer in lengthwise than the original size so that they long last. Most of the clothes are the correct fit to the little ones. The fit of the outfits is based on the brand, texture of the cloth, type of stitching, type of material, stretch of the cloth and so on.

Most often 4t size attires come with an alterable waist. As the babies below the age of 3 years are not yet potty trained, the diapers they wear are of different sizes. Due to this reason adaptable waist is given. Generally, 4t size clothes fit the children of weight 15 kilograms approximately and height 3 feet.

Comparision Table Between 4 size and 4t size

Parameters of Comparison4 size    4t size
    AgeOlder than 3 yearsYounger than 3 years
WaistNot adjustableAdjustable
Weight (approximately)16 kg -18 kg14 kg – 16 kg
Height (approximately)3.5 feet – 3.7 feet3.25 feet – 3.41 feet
Length of Sleeves and PantsLongerShorter

What is 4 Size?

Here “4” in 4 size represents the age of kids. It may or may not fit a 4-year-old child, it depends on the height, the weight of kids. If 4 size outfits don’t fit 4-year-old kids they may go for other alternatives like 5 size or 4t size based on the little one.

In 4 size clothes length of sleeves and pants are slightly longer as the children are growing constantly. In order to fit the growing kid the clothes are made a little longer in length. They don’t have adjustable waists as they don’t have a problem with the diapers.

The dress will also be a true fit like close to the body because extra space is not needed for a diaper as these big kids will be potty trained. 4 size clothes generally has buttons, belts, zips, and many more colours to make clothes look more attractive to the little ones.

The 4 size clothes are the smallest clothes available for 4-year-olds like XS in adults. The size that comes after 4 size is 5t size. There is no exact size for particular age group children, It differs at every Fashion Store and also varies from country to country.

What is 4t Size?

Here “t” stands for a toddler. 4t size is for kids younger than 3 years( 24 Months) and also it relies on the size of the little one. 4t size attires are slightly wider for the reason that these little ones are not potty trained and they wear diapers. If the little kids doesn’t fit 4t size, they may go for different alternatives in toddler’s clothes. Toddler’s clothing starts from 2t – 5t.

4t size clothes have alterable waist because the babies will be wearing diapers. An adjustable waist is given for a better fit. This adjustable waist is mostly made of elastic. These outfits are of a small size than 4t size clothes. 4t size clothes have smaller sleeves and pants than 4 size.

Most kids can wear both 4 size and 4t size because the difference is only a few inches. 4 size clothes fits babies of height 3.25 feet – 3.41 feet approximately and weight of 14 kg – 16 kg approximately. These clothes not really depends upon age, it depends on the kid’s size. The clothes will be little loose because tight clothes may give rashes to the little ones and breathing also becomes difficult for the kids.

Main Difference between 4 Size and 4t Size

  1. 4 size clothes are for kids older than 3 years and 4t size clothes are for kids of age 24 months.
  2. 4 size clothes are for potty trained toddlers and 4t size is for kids who are not potty trained, Hence it needs more space for diaper.
  3. 4 size doesnot have adjustable waist but 4t size garments have adjustable waist.
  4. 4 size have longer sleeves and pant length but 4t size outfits have relatively shorter sleeves and pants because of the fact that they are infants.
  5. 4 size clothes fit closer to the body and have zips but 4t size clothes are little loose dosent have zips or other attachements.


There is a little difference between 4 size and 4t size clothes. 4t size is for babies who are 24 months old. These garments have extra space for diapers.

4 size is for toddlers whose age is 4 or more depending on the kid’s size. These clothes don’t have an adjustable waist but 4t size clothes have. 4 size clothes have longer sleeves than 4t size. 4 size clothes fit closer to the body than 4t size. As kids grow up fast, These clothes with little difference are made.


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